Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Tapestry . . .

Just Beginning

Now hanging at my studio window

I am a Weaver!
It feels good to say it,
because it has been way to long 
since I have done anything creative at my looms!

I am sure you have done this as well . . .
strayed away from an art form you love,
only to learn something new . . .
something that distracts you, interests you,
and pulls your attention away.
For me it has been learning the Art of Calligraphy,
teaching Zentangle® and SoulCollage® classes,
all good things, but take an immense amount of my time!

As you know I am a Poet,
I love to read it, share it out loud and write it!
I recently wrote a poem from my loom's point of view,
sitting in the corner . . . unattended, unloved and unused.
It certainly made a point with me!
I asked myself why I hadn't woven anything,
for so long ... even years?
Why have I let everything else get in the way?
I didn't have any answers, only to say that
everything has a season,
including our arts.

So I put a warp on my tapestry loom,
gathered some beautiful fibers
and began a trial piece,
just to see if I remembered the tapestry techniques.
It sure felt good to see it progressing!
Tapestry weaving is just like life . . .
taken slowly
you will grow in patience and knowledge
if only you will learn
to slow down and enjoy the process!
It feels good to just sit at the loom
and see where it leads me!

Fiber Stash

Just getting the feel of it again

Adding a little adornment

I learned Tapestry weaving when my son Curt
was only a year old,
I remember leaving him with my mom
once a week
for a two hour lesson,
Curt is soon to be 35 years old!
Weaving has been a part of my life for a long time,
it is something I turn to over and over again,
and also what I leave behind from time to time!
It is a constant reminder of who I am
and what I can accomplish!

I love the song "Tapestry" by Carole King
 (my favorite singer in the world!)

" ... my life is but a tapestry
of rich and royal hue ..."

Life is full of colors and textures,
experiences and life lessons,
friendships and family,
and so much more.
I am grateful that my weaving
reminds me of all of that ...
all creating the woven cloth of my own life.

Work in Progress

Wishing you fun and rest
during this Holiday weekend!
Sending out love

Donna Lee