Monday, April 18, 2011

My new camera . . . my latest creative adventure

Photo compliments of photographer Heather Wynn!

Photography has always interested me.  I love taking pictures of all kinds of things.  I have always loved to share my photos on Facebook and on my blog, but I always felt limited by what I could take with my Nikon coolpix camera.  I have loved that little camera and always had it with me in case I needed to capture "a moment" at anytime!  I have been wanting to open an Etsy shop for awhile now and I knew that having the right photos would enhance the look of my artwork.

I became interested in owning a nicer camera after attending Squam by the Sea. Wow the women there were serious photographers!  Here I was clicking away on my little camera, not wanting to miss a moment of the Squam experience and they were taking the most beautiful and intense photos I had ever seen.

Since coming home from that experience, my heart was tugging . . . I wanted a new camera, but didn't know anything about them.  Of course, budget was everything as well!  My son and his wife have an incredible Canon camera and multi lenses, so he advised me what he thought would be good for me. I trust his opinion and wanted to follow his guidance.

So I settled on finding myself a Canon Rebel T1i;  used but in great condition and was meant just for me!  Through many months of searching and learning about the camera . . . I have purchased one . . . I even had a wonderful and easy Ebay first purchase experience.  It seems a bit intimidating to me right now, but I know I will grow into all that it is capable of doing!  I hope that you will notice a difference in the photos that I post here on my blog!

So here I grow yet again . . . reaching way past my comfort zone and trying to learn something new!  I love that.  If we continue to stay in the same place all the time and never try anything new, we will never grow.  I look at life with such wide open eyes these days . . . I don't want to miss anything!  I am excited about taking pictures, more in depth pictures, pictures that warm my heart and can convey a message.

My husband and I are heading to Yellowstone the second week of May on vacation.  So I have just a few weeks to learn this wonderful new toy of mine, so I can capture God's beautiful nature in all of it's glory.  This is going to be quite an adventure.

I purchased a new book from the Shutter Sisters entitled "Expressive Photography" and I can't wait to see what they have to say.  I am just going to have to balance work, and painting and now my new camera.  Oh there just isn't enough time in a day to do all the things I want to do!  I just have to keep reminding myself, that by working a full time job as an Optician affords me treats in life . . . paint and art supplies, workshops and retreats, creative books, etsy purchases, hot yoga classes and now my beautiful new camera!  Ok . . . Gilbert Eyecare here I come.