Wednesday, June 1, 2011

52 Photos Project / Week Six / A Memory

Wonderful times in the Outer Banks!

This week's photo prompt was so easy for me . . . when I think of a memory I always go directly back to our yearly vacations in the Outer Banks.  Ever since my son Curt was one year old (he is going to be 31 this summer and Drew will be 28 this month!) we would go to the Outer Banks for a week.  Many times over the years we always went with my husband's family and we shared the expenses of the cottage.  As our families continued to grow, so did our cottages!  Our beach weeks were filled with love and laughter, meals together, games at night, all the grandchildren climbing Jockey's Ridge with their granddaddy at sunset and bonding as a family unit.  All of the children are adults now and they still speak of our summers together in the OBX.  This photo was taken on the sand dune and I remember it like it was yesterday!!  I guess I could have found a picture of just the beach, or a sand dune or the sun shining over the ocean, but including my children in it struck my heart!   It is a constant reminder of the sweetness in my life.  We still love going to the Outer Banks, and my husband and I hope to retire there and truly make it our home.  I can't wait for that time.

What wonderful times when your children are small and need you for everything. Our children grow up so fast, at least I know mine did!  They still need mom and dad, but in a very different way. It felt good to go back and find this photo.  Having a reminder of a very special time in my life is a good thing.   Thanks Bella for bringing a wonderful memory back to the front of my thoughts!  I am enjoying being a part of this 52 Photo Project!

Monday, May 30, 2011

My Creative Holiday

I have been enjoying my three day weekend.  I told myself all week before that it was going to be a weekend of rest, creativity and reconnection to my art and my studio space, to my yoga practice and to myself.   I was not disappointed.  Since returning from our wonderful Yellowstone vacation, and then re-entry into the workplace, I found myself just yearning to be quiet and take it moment by moment. Not wanting the clock, the television, or my work schedule and duties to dictate me.  I had put a lot of thought into having three beautiful days off and wanted to just soak it all in. 

It first started with a wonderful Hot Yoga session, it had been several weeks since I had stepped onto my yoga mat, MY LOSS, trust me!  Yoga makes me feel good about myself, I feel healthier, centered and well grounded.  Not to mention the physical and mental benefits it offers.  The moment I walked into the studio where I practice, I felt as if I were home and I was!  I asked myself why had I let other things get in the way of my practice (that is a blog entry in itself!)
I spent time catching up with a precious friend, gardening and working in my backyard, reading, napping, resting and purposely slowing myself down.  While reading the new issue of Somerset Studio, there was a wonderful article by Nancy Bales entitled "Creating Calm",  she spoke right to my heart.  She asked the question if you ever wondered how the art we create is a reflection of who we are and what we are experiencing at the moment.  It sure made me pause and think about my own art journey.  Inspiration is everywhere, if you just take the time to see it.  I was able to write my blog and take my time, work on my e-course You are your own Muse - I had to take a self portrait of myself!  I was playing with my new camera and decided to photograph the blooms on my pomegranate tree . . . thought I would share a photo.  Aren't the colors luscious? From that a beautiful fruit will grow this summer.  I always love my Eucalyptus tree . . . this is the perfect time of year for it.

Right outside my window!
From my Eucalyptus tree
While in the studio, I spent a lot of time catching up in my journal and beginning a series of small collage works for a local gift shop in Virginia Beach.  When I get to my studio, everything is right in the world!  Paint, gel medium, papers and canvases,  pencils and inks, candlelight and incense (of course), creative music mix on the ipod, (Love Michael Franks)  life is genuinely great!  I was even able to catch up on my art journal, I was way behind in it!

I know that when I have time to devote to the things I love the most, I am at my happiest!  I am sure we can all say that in some form or another.  I was so grateful to have the time this past weekend to play, and no matter how old we are . . . yes me at 53 . . . we all need time to come out and play.  I love being home and going from one thing to another, whatever my heart is leading me to at the moment. 

I recognize when I am given those life chances to just embrace and I cherish them.  Hope you will too!!
I wish you love
I wish you peace and joy
I wish you all good things!
Donna Lee