Friday, October 28, 2011

My Serendipity Experience

What I am feeling this week!

r e n d i p i t y

 I don't even know how to begin to describe the magic that happened this past week at Serendipity Art Retreats
 in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  
It has taken me days to even be able to write about it!

I decided that the best way for me to describe it
is with word descriptions that keep popping in my head,

and are remaining in my heart 
so here it goes:

Friendships, so many smiles and hugs, giggles, art, 

creativity, walks on the beautiful beach, 
watching the strong waves,
delicious food, laughter and dancing, magic,
 quiet time, self reflection, bonfire on the beach,
beautiful sunrises,
opening ceremony and setting intentions,
Michelle sharing those intentions,

my heart skipping a beat,
meeting new friends, reuniting with old friends,
happiness and more happiness,
watching Elizabeth knit in her pigtails,
twinkle lights everywhere,
late night painting and laughter, 

reaching out to someone new
story telling, always sharing, 

opening up our innermost feelings,
beautiful oceanside room,
homemade granola,
lots of photography, 

teaching a friend to knit 
and watching her get it,
incredible teachers, 

class time and more creativity,
talking and laughing,
smudging with Pixie,
  savoring gratitude with Michelle,
yoga and massage,
intuitive painting with Mindy,
yummy food and fellowship time,
Michelle's homemade cobbler for dessert, 

reading a friend's heartfelt poetry,
stolen moments with special friends! 

That special wave goodbye at the end of the driveway
 when it was time to head back home, 
I will never forget!

I realize what an opportunity it was to attend
this beautiful experience.  It is one I will never forget!
How rare it is when a group of 30 or more women
can come together and retreat together.
Going home more centered and with new friendships formed.
Struggling with re-entry and missing what was.

Women need girlie times together.
Women need to get away.
It makes us stronger, it makes us happier,
and it pulls together all the inner feelings
that are rumbling about in the head and heart.
Life is busy and I know for my own self
I am calmer and more at peace
 for taking the time to get away
 to create and learn new things,
What a gift it was to bond with
my Serendipity Sisters.
What an awesome experience it was,
my heart is over filled!

I am truly not the same.

Please stop by and visit my flicker site,
you will find lots of my fun photos of Serendipity!
Hope to see you there!

With love and gratitude,