Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happiness Is . . .

I was just reading a blog I love to visit this morning
"Chatting with friends about books and life"
I encourage you to get on her mailing list,
her posts are always inspiring for the reader.

Today she posed the question
"What makes you happy?"
and she listed her 100 things

Okay so here goes mine ...
Happiness is 

my family's love
my relationship with God
my two sons and their wives
expecting our first grand baby
loving my hubby of 36 years
time spent with girlfriends
feeling my toes in the ocean
painting and creating
reading poetry
time away from the office
feeling a cool and gentle breeze
summer solstice
good music
watching the sun rise and set
taking an e-course
having good conversation
a clean house
a cozy fire
new furniture
outdoor music concerts
sharing my thoughts
wearing my red boots
watching Parenthood
collecting sea shells
early morning coffee
quiet time
weaving at my loom
long naps in the afternoon
a delicious meal
shopping just to shop
creating zendalas
dancing (when no one is watching)
being with sheep
collecting words
playing with my grand doggies
meeting someone new
cooking with my own herbs
reading my poetry at open mic night
learning something brand new
forgiving someone
loving others
time spent with my senior writers group
good conversation
bike riding
 early morning walks
reading an awesome book
writing my blog
birds singing
going to poetry readings
artist dates with myself
time alone
being healthy and well
love notes in the mail
my hot tub
giving gifts
spending quality time with others
listening, really listening
art galleries
coffee shops
Jerry's Artarama
buying fresh flowers just because
Trader Joes
time spent with my best friend Minna
Holiday celebrations
quaint book stores
Popcorn and a movie
the smell of lavender
Art Retreats
Squam by the Sea
pajama days
hot baths
watching my boys play softball
eating gelato from Strawberry Fields
wearing cool eyeglasses
bird feeders
my backyard sanctuary
old movies on TCM
time in my studio

I guess I could list so much more
but especially today ...
I am celebrating the birth
of my baby boy Drew!
He is 30 years old today.
Happy Birthday Son
your mom loves you so very much,
everyday watching you live out your life
makes me so very happy!

It's hard for me to believe that
last year on Drew's birthday
I began my 100 poem journey
you can visit here ...
Wow time is passing quickly!

donna lee

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Healing Power of Art

Creating through emotions

This past week I lost a very dear friend to cancer.
The news hit me pretty hard
and I found myself unable to deal
with all the emotions and unanswered questions
that were stirred within me.

So I found myself retreating
quietly to myself . . .
writing poetry
and doing my artwork.

I created the above artwork
with watercolor and ink
and all the while
with each and every pen stroke
worked out my emotions
of losing my friend Jim.

Art heals in so many ways.
It forces us to come
in a very raw state of mind
and let go ... to create.
It allows us to be present
in the very moment
of wherever we are
and work it through.

I am so grateful to be an Artist,
to feel confident enough
to now call myself an Artist.
It is a gift in my life
and creating through emotions
has taught me to be a better person.

When I completed this piece of artwork,
I stood back and observed,
feeling grateful for having known 
a very dear man
grateful that I now have a 
beautiful reminder 
as a keepsake
for all time.

Art Saves
Art Heals
Art Reminds Us
Art Renews the Spirit

For that I am truly grateful

Donna Lee