Friday, July 19, 2013

An Artful Spirit filled day

Suzan and I ready for the day

Our second Artful Spirit Workshop
was incredible once again!
What a great day we had at the 
Virginia Beach Resort Hotel
this past Saturday.

Eight of us in attendance
ready for a fun filled
creative experience!
The Room was filled with bright light,
large work tables, dark chocolate almonds
and inspiration everywhere!

We started with our first journal exercise...
setting our intention for the day,
along with some meditative breathing,
 we then began with a Zen Circle exercise,
set the pace for the entire day together!

We read quotes about the importance
of journaling,
read children's story books,
and played with paint
(which is why we all came right???)

So much time spent on playing,
letting go, creating and enjoying the process.

Next workshop was to learn collage,
working with papers and gel medium,
the table was filled with whatever they wanted to choose,
each participant created a collage cover
for their journals
(when asked... it seemed to be one of the favorite sessions!)

(Oops ... my toes are missing!)

Time for a break ... after hours of creating
We all had lunch together
in a "circular" table
at the restaurant over looking 
the Chesapeake Bay.
Good conversation, brainstorming,
laughter and friendships being established.

As we gathered back for the second half of the day
we shifted gears ...
watercolor and doodling, 
we truly just got to play with
all kinds of watercolor sets and paints,
create fun things,
all the while incorporating these techniques
into our art journals.
I think they had fun, what do you think?

We then shifted our watercolor techniques
to creating a Zendala for their journal
(now you know I would have to get that in there!!!!)

We started in the center of a full journal page,
and began to work from the center out
they could finish their work at home
and watercolor later.

I had pre-painted 5 x 7 watercolor cards
for each participant
and let them choose which one spoke to them
to take home and play with.

We then chose another,
started the center design and
we did a round robin,
where each participant drew
part of the Zendala design
for their classmate,
what a treasure we all had when we were finished!
A small piece of new friendships formed that day.
(when asked again ... this was the favorite session)

We ended the last session with
creating an art board collage
using 6 x 6 aqua board
yet another keepsake of the day

We ended with photos, hugs and more laughter!
Sending out peace and love and light to our classmate
that had to leave early ...

When I think of what living an Artful Spirited life means ...
I think of living with a creative heart, mindfulness, 
soul searching every moment,
letting go of expectations and perfections, 
living with curiosity,
finding happiness in all things,
 seeking out moments to be artful and creative,
but most of all living with a 
sense of wonder and amazement,
it is an awesome way to see the world around you!

What a wonderful workshop we had,
one I won't forget for a long time.
We are already forming ideas
for Artful Spirit #3,
it just keeps getting better and better.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Little Girl in Me

The Little Girl in Me . . .

Still wants to play each day
taking the time to just be

Wants to create magic with paints and crayons
they are just more expensive these days

Is in love with each and every day
cherishing all the happy moments around me

Just wants life to be simple again
pushing away all of life's complications

Loves to play outside with her friends
for girlfriend times are the best

Wants to play dress up and be pretty
finding it harder now to find her own style

Will write with her pencil and pen
now creating stories and poems from her life

Still bites her bottom lip when stressed
for she finds comfort still there

Is seeking new ways to discover life
for she never wants to stop growing inside

Always needs her afternoon naps
 recharging for the next get up and go

Is always seeking out beauty in the world
so happy to discover there is still so much out there

The little girl in me
soon to be a first time grand mommy
to a precious granddaughter
OH the things we will discover together . . .

Donna Lee