Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Falling Backwards in what you create...

Ever have a bad time with something that you are creating?  Ever feel like all the hours spent on creating something and then having to start over can be frustrating?  Well I believe that has been me this week, I was humming along with my Ishbel knitting, got up to finishing the first section A and realized my spine center stitch was off by 1 stitch, way down in the stockinette section!   OOPS!  I thought of every which way to leave it, justify leaving it there and my sister (The Ishbel expertise) said to me that I couldn't leave it, that lace knitting was all a part of the learning process.  She encouraged me to find and correct the mistake and I did.  I wound up pulling it all out and beginning again three days ago.  I must say,  now that I started over, I  am knitting with more confidence and without mistakes.  It is a joyful experience!

Anything in which we create and spend our precious efforts and energy toward, whether  it is weaving, knitting, spinning, painting, or our exercise routine;  is worth our 100% energy toward it.  I learn that every time I step onto my yoga mat.  I want to do my very best with the routine I have before me.  That is how I feel toward any of my creative efforts.  Right now, knitting has my complete focus, I want a completed Ishbel shawl for myself.  My goal is to knit my two daughter n laws one for Christmas.  Each one will be in the colors of their wedding.  That is what I love about knitting so much, we can personalize each thing we knit.  As I am creating a knitted piece for someone, I pray over that piece and who I am knitting for.  I consider it a gift of love.

Yes, I fell extremely backwards this week in my knitting journey.  I was frustrated, tired and disappointed in myself as an experienced knitter.  How could just one little stitch create such havoc in my knitting world?  Come on and admit it, you have been there too!

Blessings to you and Namaste!