Monday, September 18, 2017

Weaving Is . . . . . . .

A New Woven Beginning

I was recently asked by a friend,
"How do you find time to do all that you do?"
I honestly answered her by saying,
"I find the time to do what fulfills me!"
Whether it is spending time with my family,
my FOUR grandchildren, working as an Optician,
Tapestry weaving, creating my art or journal writing, finding time to be
with friends or just taking care of home, hubby and puppy.
Life is extremely full these days.
I certainly am leaving the TV off as much as possible,
and try not to get distracted by social media.
Listening to good music is a must!

Honestly, that is a very hard question for me,
and I have thought about it a lot lately!
Time is a precious thing, and I don't 
want to waste a minute of it.
When I look at statements I have made to describe myself
on my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter
it usually says ...  "Finding moments to be creative,
each and every day!"
I truly believe that I do that!

I entitled this blog post "Weaving Is ..."
because outside of family love and commitment,
Weaving is the one thing that calls to me,
over and over again.
Sometimes it is the one thing I want to spend time on
the most, yet I get to spend the least amount of time on!!!!
(does that make sense?)
So I ask my own self, Why is that?

My "Weaving as Meditation" piece

As I was creating this woven piece just for
the sheer joy of weaving,
I spent time thinking about my life directions.
With each row I wove in affirmations,
it was such a beautiful experience!
With every fiber that was woven in,
I reminded myself what was important to me.
Now that sweet little weaving
hangs in my studio, among the happy lights,
attached to a most magical twig I brought home from Squam last year!
(I knew I would do something special with that twig one day!)

My own weaving journey has been long,
but with no direction.
(I have shared my story in the past)
It wasn't until I sold my Leclerc floor loom
and found this treasure of a Tapestry Loom,
that I truly found my Weaving Self.
I had come full circle 34 years later,
after being introduced to Tapestry for the first time.

Tapestry weaving has taught me the gentle
art of patience and quiet "What if" thinking.
My time spent at the loom
is always a gift.

Felicity Grace aka "My Gracie"

So if I were asked "What Weaving Is"
I would answer this way . . .

My creative way of life
A favorite pass time of mine
A learning tool
Comfort to my soul
A sweet friendship
Fellowship with like minded artists
An amazing way to spend your time
Gives you permission to just be

Here are just a few pictures
of my own weaving journey ...
If you ever want to join me,
I am sure I could lead you in the
right direction
to your own weaving path!

Blessings to you this week,
find time to be good to yourself,
and be quiet whenever possible.
Soak in the beauty around you!

Donna Lee