Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A dozen positive thoughts . . .

Found along the Lake Shore last weekend

I have been battling Bronchitis
for ten days now,
(just passing grand baby germs back and forth!)
I could say I haven't felt very well, (woe is me)
and didn't want to do a whole lot.
When our bodies are weak,
so is our spirit.

I've been working on my watercolors lately,
I am always drawn back to them,
here is a peak at my art table lately
I really love it don't you?

My creative safe haven

I decided to get over the sickness stuff ...
be positive and think about the good things,
so here are my thoughts on this Tuesday Summer Morning!

Life is a gift each and every day . . . don't take it for granted

Dwell on the positive, never the negative

See the beauty all around you . . . I promise you it's there

Kindness goes so much further than you know

See the good that is right in front of you

Lending a hand to others helps you feel so much better

Creativity stirs the soul in a very good way

Music and Dancing are life desserts

Family is a treasure ... mend those broken fences

Grandchildren's hugs and kisses are the best ever

You do make a difference in this life of ours . . . never forget it

Quiet your heart and mind ... the calmness will come 

Drawing always slows me down

May your week be filled with beauty
Look for the good in all things
Be creative in anyway you can
Spread love to your neighbors
Do something totally different

I'm looking forward to the long holiday weekend,
how about you?

Donna Lee