Friday, February 1, 2013

Wishes . . .

Journal Play

Wishes come in so many ways . . .
we wish our friends well
we wish for things we can't have
we wish we were thinner
we wish we were better at something
we wish we were like others
we wish we had more time
we wish things were a different way
so many wishes . . .

This week's photo prompt
was (you guessed it!)
I have been journaling a lot lately
so I decided to express just one of my wishes
onto the journal page . . .

"My wish is to just let go of self doubts and fears"

Yes even at the age of 55 years young
I still am finding myself with self doubts and fears.
I wonder why it is we are so hard on ourselves
and never feel that we are good enough?
I am working these thoughts out with myself,
so thank you Bella
for reminding me about wishes
this week!

I must have it on my mind,
because I have a Pinterest Board
there I have found things from
fancy shoes, to a trip to Paris,
having a potting bench,
going to a private little cottage
to retreat and write,
to owning a pair of red sassy boots,
to fitting into a sexy red dress!
Please click on the link above
it will take you there!

By the way, never doubt this
Wishes certainly do come true!

I did get my Sundance boots!

I wish you a beautiful weekend
full of happiness and wishful moments.

Donna Lee

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Poetry Moment . . .

Poetry and Artwork
 inspired by Shannon Kinney


The process

Your heart's yearning

The journey you are taking now

Other's love for you

Warm friendships

Your own intuition

The artistic process


That you know what's best
for you

In your dreams

Most of all
in YOU