Saturday, May 12, 2012

Who I am . . .

Little Donna Lee

I haven't written on my blog in a few weeks.
Somehow the topic or the words 
just haven't seemed to be there for me!
I wondered why
no rhyme or reason
just couldn't write my blog.

I recently finished my course
Liz Lamoreux
and I will tell you,
it was compelling and life altering!
The words did come,
in fact, they poured out of me
in poetic form.
I loved it
what an amazing five weeks it was,
I encourage you
if you ever get the chance
take it
you will not be disappointed.

So I guess I was writing,
just not on my blog.
Then I read a wonderful article
on blogging today from
Goddess Leonie
you can find that here
It taught me some
wonderful lessons.
Blogging is personal and sacred,
It is about opening up my heart
to the world,
letting you see within and
sharing my innermost feelings.
There are no rules to follow.

So on this Mother's Day weekend
I think about my mommy,
Elsie Mae Coltrain
and the little girl I was 
growing up with her,
(that's me in the right corner of the photo)
The classic middle child
who was always the
quiet good girl,
in her own little world,
reaching for attention,
not always getting it.
Blonde haired and blue eyed,
always the good little girl,
nicknamed Lee Lee
by my mommy.

I lost my mom a few years ago to
her journey through Dementia. 
A wretched and life sucking disease,
but through it all
I loved her 
and was still her Donna Lee Lee,
loving her right through every moment.
I learned so many life lessons
walking through that journey
and I see the world differently

I found this poem written to me
by a precious and wonderful
mentor of mine,
Judith Stevens,
written in 2006.
I lost it for awhile and then recently found it,
just when I was supposed to find it.
I have decided to share it with you today,
it just seemed right.

Poetry and writing has always been
a part of my life.
I think blogging comes right along with it.
It is who I am
and who I want to be . . .