Monday, February 14, 2011

What I see

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I have been in the medical field of eyes ever since I was sixteen years old.  I started as a receptionist, then moved to assistant to the doctor and then became a state licensed Optician over twenty years ago!  Working with eyes is the only thing I have ever known.  It has molded who I have become.  It has taught me so much about human behavior and it has been a source of knowledge and confidence in myself and my abilities throughout my life.  I especially love taking care of a little child with his first pair of eyeglasses or taking the time to visit and care for a little elderly lady.  I have a vast amount of experience in the love and care department! Eyes are a beautiful part of the human inner spirit.              

I have come to realize recently that being an Optician is my profession, it controls my time from 10-6 each and every day;  but it is not what completes me.  I have come to sense and realize that my artistic side was pushed into a little corner and just now am I allowing it to grow again.  I have found it to be an important ingredient in all that I am becoming.  I yearn for more creative time where I can express my inner artist and create those pieces of artwork that roll around in my thought process. There is quite a balance between professions that contribute to our daily lifestyle and that which pulls at our heartstrings, such as our art.  I am seeking to find balance in those areas of my life.

In Misty Mawn's Stretching Within course . . . she taught us that writing was also a part of nurturing the creative spirit.  Sharing what we write is also an important step in growth.  I wrote these thoughts recently and they seem perfect to add to my blog entry today.

I see . . .
Love all around me
Beauty in God's world
The treasure in lasting friendships
Quiet mornings are a gift 
Life unfolding before me
Countries struggling and hurting
Cancer as a horrible disease
Homelessness saddens my soul
Writing as freedom of expression
 Beauty and Strength are found in my yoga 
Connections are important
Like minded girlfriends are vital
Family is what strengthens us
Faith is what guides us
My studio is a safe place
Art can heal the heart
Time as fleeting
Health is a gift
Music inspires us in many ways
Candlelight is a gift of serenity
I see love all around me!

What do you see?  Take the time to think about all that you are and where you are headed.  I am so glad that you came here today.  I speak from the heart, it is truly the only way I know how to write.  Your visit here to my blog means so much.
Blessings to you and yours
Donna Lee
Love in friendships
(photo taken from photobucket)