Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Returning to my Spinning

A treasured keepsake I found in Providence, RI
Perfect prop this morning!

It has been years, literally years,
since I have picked up my spinning!
I returned to my wonderful 
spinning wheel just last week
and I am falling in love with it
all over again!

I have had a Schacht Matchless Spinning Wheel
for ten years
and it is brand new!
It had become a piece of furniture
in my living room
that I dusted and polished every now and then!
Oh my ....

Say Hello to Rapunzel

I knew it was time to try and work with her again.
My granddaughter loves to play with the drive band
and spin the wheel around!
I want my wheel to be more than just a toy!
So I decided I was going to sit at the wheel one afternoon,
grab some fleece, oil the machine and
find my rhythm once more!
I sure did!
I truly had forgotten how wonderful
spinning your own yarn was.

A practice bobbin full of yarn

My whole desire to return to spinning
was to create my own unique yarns
for my Tapestry Weaving.

I have the fondest memories of
the Southeastern Spinning Guild
here in the Tidewater Area
(I'm talking about 20 years ago!)
We would rotate homes, bring our wheels,
fill the house with laughter, chatter and the sound
of wheels going round and round.
I had forgotten about that for awhile
and remembered while writing this post!
Oh the friendships that were formed back then.
Now it's all gone ... how we lose touch with others!
Life moves on and we forget!
I did learn a lot during that time,
and I do know that your spinning rhythm
doesn't disappear ... it returns with practice!!

For my birthday I purchased the amazing
My Tapestry teacher Rebecca Mezoff
had demonstrated and shared hers
and I wanted one.
There is quite a waiting list to get one,
but I finally got mine.
I have been playing with her and
the beautiful rainbow dyed fleece that
came along with it.
It was  60% Merino Wool and 40% Bamboo blend
from New Hue Handspuns

I am taking Rebecca's Little Looms class
right now online
and I am spinning these fibers to create
a small tapestry.
I want to see how my yarns weave up!
Can't wait, but first I need to spin up a fiber stash!

I completed my first skein
and am now on to the next!
I ordered more from this company
and got this luscious Periwinkle blend!
How I love this masterpiece of handcrafting!
From the hand carved spindle
to the hand blended fibers.

I have always loved art forms that call to me.
Tapestry Weaving slows me down enough to think,
Spinning teaches me patience and finding my rhythm,
Knitting fills my heart with pure joy
Zentangle® teaches me to enjoy the process
more than the final product
through meditation and centering.

Life is so fast paced,
especially at this time of year!
So when I have the chance to do something creative,
I want it to be fulfilling
and relaxing for my spirit.

How about you?
What art forms do you like to do,
and why do you spend time at them?
I would love to hear about it.

May your week be filled with joy,
remember to slow yourself down
whenever you can
and take in all the beauty that surrounds you!

Donna Lee