Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Entering ...

How I love photographing doorways!
I have begun a watercolor journal
of just doorways,
one of my favorite Pinterest Boards
is Doorways and Windows,
check it out here.
There is so much beauty all around in architecture
I found this beautiful door while
walking the streets in a little town
in Washington, North Carolina
on a beautiful Sunday Morning.

The door was locked
so I couldn't enter up the stairs that you see,
so I just enjoyed the beauty
I had found that morning.

It certainly got me to thinking 
about Entering ...

in life we enter so many things,
we come and we go in,
we gain admission to something new,
we create new beginnings, 
we step forward,
we participate in new things,
settings or groups,
we step into new opportunities
that come our way,
when we open ourselves up
to learning something totally new,
we allow new feelings to enter our hearts,
we enter into agreements,
we participate or share in the spirit of an occasion,
we begin to consider something new

Entering the unknown can be scary,
yet it can also be very exciting.
We can learn and grow from new experiences,
if only we will take the time
to recognize how we feel,
Learn what we need to while walking through it
with courage and strength.

I know for myself,
I am Entering a new season in my life,
(yes it is September and a new season!)
I am cutting my hours at work 
to just three days a week,
and I am excited about what will be in store for me.
I have another grand baby due in about six weeks,
My artwork is blooming,
My Zentangle practice and teaching are moving forward,
My Poetry writing is strong,
there is so much for me to practice

I am also Entering the unknown,
retirement is not too far down the road 
for my hubby and I,
that can be scary and exciting,
I can't wait to see where it all leads.
So for now,
I will live each day with anticipation, faith and strength,
not knowing what is in store if I open a new door
and enter in.
I am willing, I am ready, I am present

Donna Lee