Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Documented Life Project

My finished Moleskin Cover

I decided that I would like to participate in
I have several friends joining in
and my sister is getting her
journaling feet wet for the first time!
It is always fun to see someone learning
mixed media techniques for the first time
and getting their hands dirty!

I spent this past weekend working on my journal,
painting my journal cover,
washi taping my page edges . . .
(as you can see here)

Using Inks to make my journal tabs . . .

Here they are cut and finished!

Adding special extras within the pages . . .

and completing the first weeks journal prompt
"Home" . . .
(while watching the premiere of Downton Abbey)

My journal is now three times as thick
as the original Moleskin Calendar
was when I bought it!
I love the feel of it and holding it it my hands.

It is going to be a fun creative year
for 2014,
I just feel it . . .
this is going to be a great way 
to document everything
that comes my pathway.

Looking forward to going through
my journal later and seeing all the incredible
experiences along the way,
thanks for being here with me,
it means a lot having you here!
I am sure we will be visiting
this journal experience
for I am just beginning.