Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Random Donna Lee thoughts . . .

My Beaded Cuff Project

I promised myself in 2017
that I was going to create
only the things that spoke to my heart
whether in painting, weaving, drawing or writing.
It seems that Tapestry Weaving
has been taking most of my time lately.

Time seems to be such a precious commodity,
so I am trying to manage it wisely,
create beautiful projects that speak to my heart
and slow myself down a bit!
Here it is mid February
and it just feels like things are going at such a fast pace.
I've been caring for family needs; they always come first.
So if there is ever time leftover to play it is a gift for sure.

I haven't taught any Zentangle® classes yet this year,
I needed to take a small hiatus after the holidays!
I feel as though teachers need to fill their personal well,
in order to give to students what they need
don't you agree?

I know I am a day late, but here is
a small heart creation for you to enjoy!
I have just had a micron pen in hand
and creating and drawing for the love of it.

Happy Valentines 2017!

My Beaded Tapestry Cuff is coming along,
I can't wait to put it all together,
promise to show you at another date!
I am in love with weaving with beads!
I wrote a blog post for Mirrix Looms
about this project ...
you can find right here!

This weekend I went to the hardware store
and I bought a lot of galvanized piping
to create a new loom,
I found the link here . . .
and so wanted to try it,
one can always use an extra loom right?
I plan to blog about it later,
when it's all put together!
Tapestry weavers are amazing
and willing to share with each other.

I wanted to share this Mandala painting
I was able to create for my co-worker Janel
for her new home ... for her Harp Room.
It came together beautifully,
the entire time I painted it I listened
to Harp Concertos!
I really love the way it turned out!
I am always grateful for taking Louise Gale's
Mandala Painting Course years ago,
I learned so much and still use all of her techniques.

Spending any time creating Art is a gift!
Don't waste a minute ... time is precious.
You have a lot to say . . . so SAY IT!
You are Unique
there is NO ONE exactly like you.

Thanks for dropping by
Donna Lee