Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Good Morning February!

A recent watercolor play of mine

Today we woke up to a new day,
a new month,
the second month of our new year!

I love beginnings don't you?
This is a great time to stop and re-group, again!
Your January is gone,
you made all kinds of promises and goals for yourself,
how did that go for you?
One month gone . . . ask yourself if you are still on track???
If you were honest with yourself, 
you would probably say NO you are not,
like me!

My January was filled with creativity,
caring for family,
emotions about our nation's future,
a bronchitis slow down for days,
reconnection with friends
and so much more.

So here are a few thoughts running through my head . . .

Election years create turmoil...
I'm exhausted from it all

Creating Art is healing for the soul ...
spending time in the studio is a gift

Spending time in quiet is much needed ...
I just need to hear myself think

Leaving the television off is a good thing ...
The news is so biased and negative

Staying away from social media is an even better thing ...
I'm tired of Facebook ranting for sure

My Grand babies love is the best gift ever ...
their smiles and hugs are just what I need

Not always expressing my thoughts out loud is good for me ...
it is definitely a form of discipline

Watercolor painting is soothing and gentle ... 
It grants a certain kind of peace within

I am a bit overwhelmed with what is happening around me ...
I feel like I'm losing my grounding a bit

I know I need to surround myself with positive souls ...
 Stay away from emotional vampires

There is so much beauty in our world ...
You just have to look for it to see

So happy beginning of a new month today!
May you step a little lighter
Smile at a few more people along the way
Find time to love others
be good to yourself as well.
Take the time to give yourself what you need right now!

 Watercolor version #2

I'll be here next week for sure!

Donna Lee