Friday, March 29, 2013

The finish of what I started!

My published work!

Yesterday my book came in the mail
and when I opened the box
emotions truly took over!
I was so excited to see my work
actually in book form
that I was overtaken with tears!

I started my 100 poems journey last year,
June 15, 2012 to be exact.
It was my son Drew's 29th birthday.
I had set a goal to create a blog
with my original 
photography and poetry.
I would title it
(click on this link and it will take you there!)

I had no idea at the time 
it would be such a commitment of 
labor and love.
I thought it would be easy to 
write some poetry and take pictures
to go along with the poem.

What I discovered was that it took
a lot of effort and thought,
love and patience to accomplish
such a task.
One hundred days is a long time my friends!
I grew so much during that time 
and lived through words and images.

A sample page . . . one of my favorite photos

I know that I will never forget
the experience of it all.
For I am in love with photography,
for it is poetry in picture form.
Looking at my world through a 
camera lens is awesome
and life changing!
I have truly learned to look at everything
differently and with a poetic eye!
Matching my images with words,
my poetic words, 
was a gift come true.

I have grown as an artist,
in so many ways!
When my journey was complete,
it took awhile for me to come back down
to a normal life routine.
It was hard for me, 
I couldn't settle back into norm,
I didn't even want to 
for something was different within me.
There is great joy within oneself
when you accomplish what you set out to do,
knowing that you did it well.

I began to research how I could actually
publish my journey,
that wasn't an easy task.
I tried them all . . .
Shutterfly, Lulu, iPhoto, Blurb
the complication for me
was words and photos together.
Then came along Blog2print.
It was difficult to process a book for months,
because each page and image ran together.
I wanted one page for each day.
Until one month ago, 
they added a new feature
page breaks between one post and another,
the result is what you see here!
(I am truly convinced they added
that feature just for Donna Lee!)
I was able to design my pages,
my book cover, the spine
and more.

I ask myself will I do another?
Not sure . . . it truly has taken a 
long chunk of time
to get where I am this morning,
holding my precious baby in my hands!

For now I am going to sit with hot tea
and re-read my poetry,
share it at open mic night,
and revel in the accomplishment
of my own poetic works.
For I truly did finish what I started!