Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sometimes . . .

Sometimes . . .

I just want to shut myself off from the world
Stay in my pajamas ... all the day long
Take a nap in the middle of the afternoon
Not talk to anyone for hours and hours
Read a scrumptious book from cover to cover
Stitch for hours uninterrupted
and watch what unfolds on the linen piece
Sit at my beloved Tapestry Loom
and weave and weave and weave
while watching the image come alive
onto the warp
Sometimes I just don't want to think

Sometimes all I want is to just sit 
quietly alone
Breathing in all the thoughts
that pass me by
(For they are all life nuggets of knowledge)
Trying to absorb life as it touches me
Sitting quietly in prayer and meditation
listening to what God has in store for me

Sometimes life is just moving
too quickly
It is hard to grasp all that is thrown at me
I'm trying to get this life thing right
I want to never turn on the television
and hear all the heart breaking 
turn of events.
I turn the ringer off my phone ...
just to grab a moment of quiet
for social media can drown me 
only if I allow it to

Sometimes I want to take long walks
in the outdoors,
breathing in the beauty that surrounds me;
forgetting the "stuff" that is furiously chasing me.
It feels good to be outdoors
for nature is God's true gift to us all
it is where I truly slow down
to pause and listen.
Nature is free and a gift to us all

Sometimes seems like a heavy word 
at times
then at other times it is the 
gift of hope and possibility
How are you feeling today?
Do you take the time to slow down,
to listen to your heart soul
and what it is saying to you?

Sometimes I wish we could meet face to face
and share a cup of hot tea together,
sharing our thoughts and desires
with one another.
Feel free to leave them here in the
comments if you like,
I'll be here.

Donna Lee