Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Spiritual Renewal

I was in for an amazing gathering of women!

This past weekend I was able to attend
the Women's Retreat (IF Gathering)
with my Trinity Church.
It was held at the beautiful Westin Hotel
in Virginia Beach
and I spent the night with my longtime
spiritual sisters and friends
Debbie Bailey and Donna Irwin.
What is a retreat if you don't get a night away
of fellowship, laughter and jambes?

The gift of long time Sistership

Our 13th floor window view over Town Center

The experience was filled with
laughter, tears, worship music,
guest speakers, delicious food,
testimonies and sharing.
It was so good to fill my spirit,
renew my heart once again,
and be with like minded women.

My Spiritual Peeps for the experience ... such beautiful women and life stories here!

Life has been so full of busy "stuff",
family illness and the death of my aunt for me.
I've been working, trying to meet deadlines,
feeling overload and over commitment lately.
I haven't had much time to do my writing,
and very little time to do my art!
You know we all get to that point, 
over and over again.
For me this retreat just allowed me to PAUSE ...
for just a short time and focus of my spiritual walk.
It was just what I needed at this moment.

Trinity Church came to my life several years ago,
when I was leaving a church that hurt me,
disappointed me and did things I didn't agree with,
they rocked my spiritual steadiness a bit.
I am so grateful to be in a place 
where I feel safe again,
safe to worship,
safe to share my talents and my life.
It is good to feel healthy again!
Thank you Trinity Church,
you have my heart!

I came home restored, renewed and focused.
Something I was certainly needing
and I am sure I can say that about all the women
that were in that gathering with me!
As women we need to come together,
re-focus, share, laugh, dance and sing!
It is good for the soul!
Life isn't always easy 
and it is so good to hear from other women
their life experiences.

If you get the chance to attend an IF Gathering,
I urge you to do this!
It was my first time and I can't wait
to attend again next year.
What an amazing team and organization
of faithful and insightful leaders.
Their lessons, testimonies and stories were powerful.
Thank you IF for your amazing presentation.

My friends
I do hope you will live the rest of your week
in love and in peace.
Know there is a loving God in this life,
who cares about your every moment,
your precious heart
and all that is about you!
You are amazing just the way you are!

I am truly grateful we are friends
and we are here together!

Donna Lee