Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Stepping Gently

 A window view in Washington, NC

Summer is such an amazing time,
there is so much to do,
a relaxed feeling each day,
beautiful sunshine,
vacations and mini getaways,
hot temperatures
and an awakening of the spirit.

People seem happier
more relaxed to me!
There are gatherings with family,
vacations and times to slow down from the norm.
More books are read for sure
many more naps in hammocks, right?

Even my Josie Grace finds time to chill

It is already mid August
and I find myself wanting to step gently
for the rest of the summer.
My tapestry camp is over
(and I looked so forward to that!),
we were able to sneak in a day trip to the OBX,
it was our first trip this summer :(

Finding time for a little play at the ocean

We have had so much going on
with our family this summer,
and we are learning to appreciate
each and every day and moment.
Stepping gently has taught me so much.
I look at the wonder around me
and appreciate all that I am seeing!
Here are just a few of my favorites:

My birthday is fast approaching and I will be 60 years old!!!
It will be on August 21st
and I must say it is a very special day this year,
there is a full eclipse!
I call that pretty special don't you?

So in the meantime,
I will continue to look at my surroundings
with a keen eye of appreciation
for all that I see,
I will step gently and quietly,
calming my heart and my spirit each day.
It is so important!

I am totally smitten with my new
Midori Traveler's Notebook,
and am recording my thoughts,
dreams and desires inside the pages.
I'm sketching, writing poetry,
collecting quotes and so much more!
It goes everywhere with me,
and it feels so good in my hands.
Have you heard about them?
They are all the rage for journalers these days.
Here is a link to the one I purchased!
(There is something yummy about red leather!)

Last, but NEVER least ...
I am weaving a little bit each day,
making my time at the loom special.
I have committed to weaving something each morning,
and I must say it starts my day off perfectly.
Weaving always calms my spirit
and I can get so easily lost in the process.
I am still trying to finish up
my woven sampler I started
at Tapestry Camp a few weeks ago,
I'm not rushing at all,
just trying new techniques
and working them out.
My new Lani 8" loom is portable,
and I am enjoying weaving time
outside on the deck!

Weaving row by row and learning along the way

My finished sample of techniques

Dear friend stop and pause,
if only for a moment.
Enjoy this season of fun and play,
relax your spirit,
find time to step gently . . .
Look at the beauty around you
and embrace what is right in front of you.
Don't be too busy,
distracted by your phone in your hand,
put it down,
embrace a slower pace.
Summer is a gift we are given,
what are you doing with it this season?

Donna Lee