Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Where we Create . . . finding our own special place

Happy lights are a must!

I have always thought
that where we create our art
is as important as
what we create.

Created for me by Deja New
(in the Outer Banks)

There is always a sense of wonder
that comes over me when I enter
my little studio,
I feel at peace and excited
about what is about to happen
before I know it,
hours have passed
and I have totally been in the moment.

 Painting completed currently on my easel

My forever treasured Flora Bowley piece

My studio is my third bedroom
(which used to be my son's bedroom)
I took it over the minute he moved out and bought his own home!
(He always jokes me about that ... I was moving in before he totally moved out!)
My Daddy and I painted the walls while listening to our favorite
Frank Sinatra music
and slowly but surely,
all of my art stuff was finally in one place!
I will always carry a happy memory of that day,
just me and my daddy fixing up my art studio!
I treasure it even more now since he has passed away!

My yarn cabinet!

Inside yarn stashes

There is my weaving loom and all the fibers,
an art table for painting,
a book shelf for my large library,
a daybed for resting and reading,
carts, cabinets, lighting
oh my .. The feeling that comes over you,
when your room becomes a place of your very own ...
A place to step into at anytime
and know good things will happen there!
Oh My

Meet my "Gracie"

Every studio has to have an Ikea cart, right?

My studio has evolved with time,
new tapestry loom moved in, old one moved out
my paintings and artwork on the walls,
more books bought,
mementos from retreats
and gifts given by precious friends,
always precious reminders of a great experience.

My Donna Lee created especially for me 
by the amazing Mindy Lacefield

My photo frame created at Art and Soul
Catherine Anderson's technique

D is for Donna

Having a creative space is so important,
and I realize not everyone is able to have
a room of their very own.
Try to carve out a little corner,
somewhere in your home,
to fix it up and make it your own.
Make it as special as you can!!!!

"Bloom" by the amazing Mandala artist Kathy Rose
(Of course it has little dragonflies all over it!)

Window adornments for gazing

Every studio needs a creative library

My prayer flags by Lori Portka :)

Hope you have enjoyed my photos,
I wanted to share my special place with you.
What a joy it is to walk into my creative space,
feel the creative energy,
shutting the outside world away for just a little while
and work on something that is calling me!

Share with me your studio stories,
I would love to hear about it!
Here is one of my favorite pieces from my studio ...
Remember to always
Scatter Joy 
whenever possible!

My smudging feather created by Mindy Tsonas

Donna Lee