Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful Wishes . . .

Wishing Tree from my niece Emily's wedding day

I recently watched a movie on the Hallmark Channel
entitled "The Wishing Tree"
and it really touched my heart.
Then after seeing one at a family wedding recently,
I realized what a beautiful idea that was!
Instead of putting wishes for a couple at a wedding,
I would create my own creative wishes.

It made me want to put one in my studio
and add my own wishes to the tree.
What inspiration that will be!
So right now I am on the hunt
for the perfect limb from a tree.

You know that got me to thinking
(for everything gets me to thinking these days!)
What am I wishing for right now, here in this moment?
It caused me to pause and reflect,
for I needed to ... life is going way to fast for me lately.
I keep finding myself trying to escape away to quiet
and think about this question
and here is what I finally WISH to share with you:

I wish for:

Peace of Mind
A Quiet Heart
More Writing Time
Happiness at Work

Health and Happiness
for my precious family
More time spent with my kids
(anyway and anyhow)

More time for Yoga
Cuddle time with the hubby
Getaways whenever I can
(lots of them!)

Reduce the chatter in my mind
 Always have time for poetry in my life
To be a beautiful and helpful soul
to others all around me 

I wish for you:

Beauty of Heart
Happiness and Spiritual Well Being
Well spent time with yourself
To always find 
the creative spirit inside you

Love and Laughter
Time to slow yourself down
Creative time to play
Wellness and Beauty
all around you.

Happy Thanksgiving
sending gratitude 
for what is right now
and what will be in the future
You are loved by me!

Donna Lee