Sunday, September 9, 2012

Learning to Sew

Learning new stitches

I used to have a Kenmore sewing machine that I purchased over 
thirty fives years ago when I first got married.
Every girl needs to learn to sew right?
Especially when she first gets married (I thought).

As the years went on, I never really learned to sew.
I hemmed pants and did an occasional straight sewing,
I even tried my hands at quilting, ONCE!
I even made a few little jumpers for my little guys
when they were just babies.
For the most part, my machine stayed under it's cover, unused.

Time has marched on and my interests have now changed.
I recently gave up my little heavy duty Kenmore and
purchased a Bernina Bernette
during the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival this year 
(just a sweet and simple machine)
but it has more features on it
 than I will ever use I am sure.

A group of my precious friends have gathered together
and we are learning to sew from our good friend,
 the master sewer and quilter Toni Whitlinger.
She is taking us through the beginning foundations of sewing
and teaching us the right way to sew.

We are gathering about every two weeks
with supplies, machines, notebooks and tools
and we are learning the basics skills of sewing,
something I never did all those years ago.

Rachel, Maggie, Toni, Meredith and Me

I am not gonna say it isn't intimidating at times,
for learning something new always is,
but I know it will be worth the effort.
I have always wanted to learn free motion stitching,
and applying it to my artwork.
Now with my new machine, I know I can truly do it!
I even purchased the cool darning foot to go with it.

Somehow I find that whatever I am learning, it always brings me
back to my art life.  For creating anything is art, is it not?
I purchased Alisa Burke's book awhile back
and now I think I can actually work on the ideas
presented in her book.

Toni is a wonderful teacher and friend,
and I know my sewing foundation will be strong.
As you can see,  from the photo above, 
I am the "oldest" sewing student,
but hey that's okay, we are never too old to learn something new.
I am enjoying being "one of the girls"

Beginning of my Hobo bag

So yesterday I learned how to cut out a pattern,
fuse material, the importance of measuring,
and cutting on the correct grain of fabric
(Have I impressed you yet with my terms?)

I am sewing my very own Hobo bag
and I will be carrying a knitting project in it
very soon my friend.

So . . .  don't be afraid to learn something new
It keeps you from staying comfortable right where you 
presently are
staying in your neat creative box my friend

I will have to revise this post and add my finished
piece so you can see I actually completed my work.
What fun I am having just learning to sew.

I know I haven't been as present on my blog
this summer
I have been working on my poetry blog
as I shared with you previously.
I can hardly believe that today I am
on day eighty six,
only fourteen days to go!
It has been a beautiful written journey
and I can't wait to produce it into my own book.
You can visit me there at

Please drop by for a visit there and we
can share a bit of poetry together!

Donna Lee