Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer Slow Down

Zentangle on the Beach

It was a beautiful weekend,
full of yummy goodness!
My husband Jimmy turned 60 years old!
We celebrated with a family Tides baseball game (his request)
and Gelato from Strawberry Fields afterward.
It was a wonderful celebration,
how we love our family!

Gotta have a selfie at the ball game!

Photo compliments of Heather Wynn Photography!

Greeting Jimmy when we arrived to Strawberry Fields
(It certainly helps that your kids own the shop!)

Saturday was absolutely perfect weather,
I started my early morning
weaving on my deck.
I so wanted to finish my Mirrix Loom Weave-A-Long
and I had just 2 1/2" to go ... easy right?
Wow it took me a very long time but it was worth it,
I finished!
With a cup of coffee nearby, the birds singing 
and a gentle breeze it wasn't that hard.
I don't want to even think of how many hours I have put into
this Tapestry Project.
As I have written before, it taught me many things.
I totally loved the challenge!

Found a new place to weave ... outside!

Well my 2 1/2" turned into almost three hours,
sure I was up and down;
but I steadily wove during that time.
Now I needed to cut it off the loom,
and assemble it!

Cut off the loom and finishing it up

My complete work ... hand sewn and beautiful!
A true treasure for me!

Saturday I was quiet at home,
taking care of this project,
my puppy and cleaning.
Much needed for sure!
We have been running so much I was
reminded how good it is to just slow down,
care for my home, my family and myself.

Summer does that for us.
It gives us permission to slow way down.
In a world of hustle bustle most of the time,
here we have been given a season of taking it easier.
Sunshine, beaches, reading books, laying in the sun,
tending to our gardens,
delicious salads and yummy light foods,
quietness in our own backyards,
time with family,
time to nap,
create art, write poetry.
Time to just soak in all the goodness of life.

There is something magical about a sand dune!
I never grow tired of seeing them.

My Sunday was the ending of a perfect weekend.
Worship at my beloved Trinity Church
with family and friends,
started packing for my Outer Banks Week
and then a quick trip to the ocean,
Sandbridge Beach,
just twenty minutes away.
Dinner out for some seafood,
Zentangle® on the Beach,
and a quick swim.
The perfect ending to a perfect weekend!

May your summer be filled with
all good things.
Take the time to slow down,
be good to your own self,
re-prioritize what's important.
Thanks for taking the time to visit with me,
I cherish you and writing!

Donna Lee