Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My Summer Slow Down Continues!

Reminder for me written in the sand

I look over my blog this morning 
and realize it has been a month since I have written anything!
I must be having a great summer slow down,
just what I needed for sure!

Summer is such a great time for rest and renewal.
We all need that don't we?
I spent a week with my precious family
in the Outer Banks.
(If you are a mommy/grandmommy
you know how wonderful it is to have
your whole sweet family under one roof
for an entire week!)
Oh the kisses and hugs and joy I received.

My treasures!

 Intention setting on the beach

 Re-creating one of my favorite photos of my precious boys
(They were troopers!)
How blessed am I!!!!!

Poetry and Latte in the mornings

So as you can see, I had a very good time away.
The ocean always brings me back to focus.
How grateful I am for family, time away and rejuvenation!

As I have returned home I have been able to 
have quiet mornings to pursue my artwork,
and I am learning new things all the time.
Here is a peek at some of my work:

 Playing with Inks, Words and of course Mandalas!

 Playing with Abstract Watercolors

 Creating Originals for cards

Playing with White Ink on Black tiles
for a future Zentangle® class

Fun collecting botanicals for my flower press

My lace shawl I started at Squam is progressing

I love creating my art . . . it truly soothes my soul.
There are days when I have no time to create anything,
and then there are mornings I feel like I have all the time in the world
to explore new ideas!
Funny how life works that way!

So here I am less than two weeks away from
59 years old
and I am having a most beautiful
summer slow down.
No worries, creating my art,
spending time with family,
writing and of course ... napping!

My creation of Zentangle on a  24" x 24" wooden panel

I am just beginning to try weaving
a small tapestry face . . . something I have been wanting to try.
So I sketched a sweet little face
inspired by my friend and teacher
Instead of painting a face,
I will be using fibers . . . wish me luck!

A weaving cartoon to create by

I hope that you are able to have a slow down 
of your very own this summer season.
I encourage you to do something out of the ordinary.
Walk the ocean shore if there is one nearby,
hike in the woods and explore nature,
try writing a poem,
learning something new,
hey ... how about stopping what you are doing
and have a long three hour nap!

Wishing you peace and love
these final days of summer!

Donna Lee