Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's all about the little things

Annabelle Lily's shoes

I absolutely love Fall!
It is my favorite time of year . . .
for me it is a time of settling in
slowing down
writing more
painting more
pulling out those socks on my knitting needles
(which have been there since last fall!)
creating crockpot soups to simmer all day
nesting in my home . . .
for there is so much joy in this time of year.
We even have a new little puppy in our household,
and she is bringing a new kind of joy into our home . . .

Meet our Josie Grace

Halloween has passed
the candy is just about out of the house,
I've watched all the old horror movies
on TCM,
I must say truthfully, I don't get very
excited about that holiday,
but this year seeing my little munchkins
dressed up for the holiday,
made it even more enjoyable!

Our Grayson Blake just turned one in October

Now I look forward to Thanksgiving,
finding and recognizing all that I am grateful for,
and there is so much for our family this year.
It just keeps getting better and better,
and our family continues to grow.

Our miracle baby ... Dylan James

Take a long look at the world around you
and notice
the little things that are changing . . .
see the beauty in the leaves falling
the temperature dropping
the cool briskness in the air
the full moon at its brightest
Nature is amazing and it is a gift to us all.
Don't forget to look UP!
You never know what you are missing!

Leaves just starting to let go

I have pulled out my art journal again,
trying to work at it more diligently ...
I was inspired from fallen leaves
and collected so many to do a watercolor study.
Here is a sample of my journal page ...
I got out the watercolors, oil pastels and had at it
Words just flowed ...

I love art journaling

It truly is all about the little things,
those things which bring you joy in your life,
Whatever that may be!
Take the time to slow down and enjoy
all that is around you,
all that you have been given.
Cherish the special moments,
the ordinary life moments,
and the treasured times.

This weekend, pour that extra cup of hot tea,
and read one more chapter before rushing out the door!
Write a small haiku,
call a friend,
here's a thought ... write a letter to someone,
in your own handwriting!
Just treasure the still moments given to you

I am wishing you a week of joy,
a time of restfulness of spirit,
a time to be creative,
a moment to restore your soul,
just be in the moment,
be in this beautiful season . . .
it won't let you down

Donna Lee