Monday, September 19, 2016


Wisdom comes in all forms . . .
I found this tree recently and had to capture it with my camera.
I remember standing there for quite some time
just marveling at it's beauty.

Each limb carried such history,
it's roots were strong and mighty.
It was still hanging on to the leaves of summer,
yet it was gradually beginning to change
and let go of some leaves.

It stood there as if to say,
"Come Donna Lee and sit with me awhile"
and so I did!
Ask yourself when was the last time you just sat
under a tree, breathed in the fresh air
and heard the sounds of nature singing to you in the background?
I didn't bring my paints, or sketchbook, or Zentangle® with me,
I just sat in the presence of nature,
and it was so calming.
Sometimes I feel like I always have to be doing something.
It makes me wonder what I have been missing.
Even in creating Art, we might not see the beauty
happening around us.
I am grateful for this tree, what a wonderful
lesson I learned that day.

As I re-read my past blog entries,
I am consistently reading a theme of 
quiet, slow down, breathing it all in,
a need for calmness and rest.
I believe we are all searching for that in a small way.

I have entered my sixth year blogging,
I honestly don't know where the time has gone.
It has taught me to share my feelings,
get words onto the "virtual" page
and I now have a wonderful journal
of the past six years.
I have published my posts in book form,
I will always have a record of my thoughts and dreams
written here.

There is Wisdom in our lives,
our past experiences,
our art, our friendships, our families,
just in our day to day life journey.
Each experience is a stepping stone, 
guiding us along our own way.
I am grateful I have recorded mine
through this blog,
for she is a familiar friend to me.
Just like friendships,
sometimes we stray apart, 
time slips away from us
and then we come back together,
just picking up where we left off!
(Usually on a Monday morning)

Where do you find your own wisdom?
Where do you seek your comfort?
I would love to hear about it if you care to share.
Walk lightly as you step into this fall season.
Look at the beautiful changes nature is handing to us 
at this very moment.
Wasn't the Harvest Moon spectacular?
I sat under it for hours the other night,
just soaking in it's beauty!

Donna Lee