Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Getting things Accomplished

Small tapestry finished from my Hokett Loom

Looking at the calendar,
marking it with dates and obligations,
I truly can't believe it is mid June already!

The calendar is filling,
My youngest son turns 34 tomorrow!
Vacation is coming soon
and travel plans are being made.
I am so excited to also be
taking my Weaving Mentor 
in Colorado this summer!
Four days of fellowship, inspiration and weaving!
I get goose bumps just thinking about
how the trip just fell into place.

I have had a lot of creative projects
going on at the same time
and I must say ...
it sure feels good to be finishing them up!

I have finished many needlework projects 
and I love each one of them!
For those of you who follow me on Instagram,
you can find them all there!
The quietness of holding my needle
compares to nothing else!

Stitching over one thread on 32ct linen

I want my summer to be free and easy,
so I had a to do list of what I wanted to accomplish!
I was extremely busy creating a handwoven pouch
for Mirrix Looms,
it was a two month blog project
and now a giveaway for one special weaver!
You can read all the details here ...

My finished Pouch woven with hand dyed silks

I have just finished a year long commitment
as a Social Marketing representative
for Mirrix,
and I must say it was a wonderful experience.
I wrote my last blog post for them this week,
and hope my final message will be a good one!

In the midst of a busy life,
our Wynn family had an amazing surprise
of our fourth grandchild being born,
3.5 weeks early!!!!!
Her beautiful name is Zoey Brett Wynn.
She was in the NICU for a week,
allowing her lungs to get stronger,
she is home now and doing amazing!
I have to say how full and blessed 
my life is right now!

First time I got to touch our sweet one

This past week I was able to pick up the
woven Tapestry Cuffs I had finished
weaving a month ago ...
I kept staring at them unfinished
and it was as if 
they were just asking me to complete them!

I had six different cuffs on my Mirrix 

My first completed cuff

When I sit still for a moment
and think about all that I have accomplished,
it feels really good.
I am one who doesn't like things undone.
All of my projects were fun,
but I must admit I was in over my head
"I want to do this and thats!"

I'm learning to slow down a bit,
breathe and enjoy the day.
I have my projects finished now,
books read, blog posts written
and now I want summer to just roll in.

I have returned to my Zentangle® practice,
it had been awhile!
I can't remember the last time
I sat during a lunch hour
and practiced my meditative drawing!  
It felt really good to have my pen in hand!

Lunchtime drawing

I have learned that accomplishing creative tasks
feels good from the inside out!
I also know that working on so many 
things at once is overwhelming.
I need to pick and choose what grabs my
creative attention from now on.
Lesson learned ... step lightly,
do less and enjoy every moment!

Summer is a time that we naturally slow down.
Why is it we have to wait until the summer months
to learn this lesson?
What are your summer plans?
I would love to hear

Donna Lee