Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tapestry Teaches Patience


I have been participating in a "Weave-A-Long"
for a little while now,
I thought this eyeglass case would be easy
and that I could just whip it out!
I had to think again!
I love working on my 22" Zach Mirrix loom,
while my big loom in the studio is occupied
with an even bigger project!

I have been working on Part Two of
(another incredible learning experience)
for awhile now and just wanted to play with my loom
before diving into Part Three (can't wait)

I purchased the kit for the eyeglass case,
loved the colored yarn choices
and Claudia's hand dyed silks were beautiful
to blend in with the fibers.
I was ready to go.

Warping the loom is one of my favorite
parts of weaving.
It is a slow process; it requires lots of thinking
but the end result forms the foundation
on which to weave.
I love it.

Slowly tapestry begins to form

I was playing around with a process
called Eccentric Weave,
something I wanted to learn, 
but was afraid to try.
So when Mirrix Looms offered this
project and I could learn the weave structure,
I was excited to try!

My little Annabelle loves helping me weave
Beating is her favorite thing!

I am sure that many of the participants
in the Weave A Long have finished their
Eyeglass Case project,
I have not.
In fact, I have learned so much with 
each and every row woven in this project.

Here are my lessons learned:

Eccentric weave is beautiful and fun

I don't want to rush any project
because I am enjoying every row

Tapestry teaches me to slow down
and to enjoy the process of weaving
(It's not always about the finished product)

For me weaving along other people
is a motivator, but I still must go at my own pace

Tapestry weaving cannot be done quickly

I love weaving in the quiet with no distractions,
I can hear my inner voice coming through

I wish others could learn this amazing art

Tapestry allows the fibers to run through my fingers,
it's all about a sense of touch

Tapestry weaving is a meditative art
it forces me to slow down, think and take it in.

Tapestry speaks to me

Every row teaches me something new

As of this morning 4 1/2" woven ... 3 more to go!

On this quiet Tuesday morning with coffee in hand,
it seemed like the perfect time to write about something
I am extremely passionate about!
I love to weave quietly in the morning,
before things begin to happen in our household,
it is a gift I give to myself!

Perhaps this is why the words of
rings so true in my own life . . .
I have certainly loved this song my whole life!

"My life is just a Tapestry of rich and golden hue . . ."

Me and my Hokett loom while traveling to Squam Retreat,
(Fiber and Weaving are always with me)

If you ever get the chance to learn this gentle art,
I encourage you to do so!
There are so many opportunities out there,
and weaving have had an explosion of attention lately.
I'm glad I have come full circle after 35 years,
and returned to where I began my own weaving journey.
Oh the lessons I have learned and I have so far to go.
I love to think of the yarn fibers that have passed
through my hands over the years.

I stand here grateful for having been drawn to this process
oh so long ago.
I am a better person today because of it.
Patience and slowing down is slipping away from all of us,
I'm just glad that when I sit at my loom,
even if only for a few minutes in a day,
it speaks to me ...
Donna Lee just enjoy where you are right here and right now
nothing else matters in this moment.
Relax and breathe it all in