Thursday, July 20, 2017

Taking a Summer Hiatus

Him and Me Always!

Here it is July and it's already three quarters over!
I honestly don't even know where it went!
It has certainly been a summer of adjustment and sorrow
after losing my precious father-n-law.

As you know, I pride myself on living the creative life,
however, not much creativity has been happening
around my studio lately.
I miss just playing around with my paints and yarns.
I can't even tell you the last time I art journaled
or just read a book.

All is good!
I will be headed to Colorado in just a few days
to a Tapestry Weaving Workshop
with my online teacher and mentor
and I am super excited!
I will be staying at the
Colorado State University
Mountain Campus
and soaking up as much
inspiration as I can.
I can't imagine five days
of beautiful mountains, fellowship with weavers,
hiking, sketching and tapestry weaving for days
Pinch me now please!

I am sure I will have lots
to tell you about later.
For now I am taking
a blogging hiatus ...
time to restore the writing soul,
rest my heart
refresh my spirit.
See you again soon,
I'm anxious to see all the good that comes from 
stepping away
and listening to my heart.

Donna Lee