Friday, January 11, 2013

Still working on Simplifying

Well today is Friday and time for another blog post.
Sometimes I find it difficult to think of blog topics to write about,
other times ideas just keep filling up in my thoughts!
Today was an easy one!

As I was quietly knitting socks this morning,
I was reminded of how gentle and quiet this art form truly is.
It is definitely a way of living out my word for the year Simplify,
for Knitting only requires you to be present.

Knitting is a constant companion,
and it makes me feel good every time I pick up my needles,
it is always a good reason to gather with others
and the finished product is usually awesome!

For Christmas I wanted to create a pair of
hand knit socks for each of my daughter n laws,
for as I am knitting on any project,
I always knit love and affirmations into what I am working on!

I ran out of time and was having a hard 
time finishing two pairs of socks,
then my hubby said
"Why don't you wrap up one a piece?"

So I did with the promise note
that the other one would be coming soon!
So I have been knitting away on the
second sock for each girl!

Here is a picture of each of
Heather and Lauren's feet
each wearing their only sock from me
on Christmas morning!

There are so many opportunities to slow ourselves down,
enjoy the simple things in this life of ours,
I am definitely working on a slower pace at the present moment,
I must say it feels good to me.

So I hope that your weekend will be one filled
with creativity and all good things.
Find a way to simplify your life today,
what can you put aside just for the moment?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Poetry Moment . . .

This poem was inspired by
my beautiful necklace created by Liz Lamoreux

I am enough

She speaks to herself this early morning
reminding herself that she 
truly is enough

Don't try and compare yourself to others
for you are enough
just the way you are

There will always be others
who are stronger than you
more accomplished than you

Just remember
that you are truly enough
repeat this over and over again

For she tells herself
she has much to offer
in a way unlike no other

So on this perfect Wednesday morn
she leaves her home
in strength and confidence

Smiling ... all the while knowing
She is enough
I am enough