Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Learning the Art of Color Theory

My Mandala Color Wheel

I have been taking a Color Theory Class
with my Calligraphy teacher
the past few Monday nights
and I must say I am learning
more than I thought possible.

I wanted to learn how to create my calligraphy
by mixing my own colors . . .
I have received more info than ever!
We started out right away learning
mixing and color theory
and it felt so good to instill the proper
way colors are mixed into my head!
Betsy's paint collection was

 Just a few tubes of paint!

We started by mixing the three primary colors
in gouache and getting the right consistency,
and then we began to fill our palettes

Just beginning to mix gouache

Starting with the Primary Colors

I know that Red and Blue makes purple
Red and Yellow makes orange
Yellow and Blue makes green,
we learned that in school right?
But actually mixing it,
trying to get it right,
I was learning all over again,
it felt really good!!!
We then went on to Secondary colors and more!

My mixing of colors

During our second class we learned about
shades and tints,
my color was yellow,
which is a difficult color to work with,
we painted and mixed carefully
and created our own color charts

This Tint exercise was so fun ... I learned a lot!

Learning Shading ... Yellow mixed with black turns green!!!

The next exercise was to learn how to fill our dip pens
with our gouache
and write with it!
Making sure the consistency of the ink was 
what we wanted,
what fun was that!
We also practiced on black paper too,
which I totally loved!

I just love this pic!

I'm learning so much from my teacher,
Betsy is amazing
and I consider every minute with her
a blessing to be learning from someone so multi talented!
Her pen collection alone is inspiring,
I drool whenever I get near her calligraphy pens!

Wow ... just wow!

Next week ... working with Complementary Colors
and writing a favorite quote of ours
in Calligraphy!

I never want to stop learning, 
it is good to get out of your own comfort zone,
try something new and grow,
be with new people.
I'm grateful to have this opportunity,
cause I am totally in love with
and I plan on getting really good at it!!!!

May your week be filled with love,
happiness and many happy moments.

Donna Lee