Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lessons learned while teaching others

Leading seniors through
creative writing every Thursday evening

What a joy it is for me to help
facilitate a senior adult creative writing group
once a week at the beautiful
First Colonial Inn

Working with Senior Adults has taught
me to be more patient, compassionate
and understanding.
Helping Seniors to write down their
memories and feelings
has become a sincere source of joy for me.
I thought I would be teaching them so much,
instead it is I that has learned from them!
They have stolen my heart
with their hugs, their love and their stories and poems.
I have learned to have a more compassionate heart
and to be more understanding of the senior adult
they have so much to offer us,
if only we will take the time
to listen.
What beautiful souls they are!

Teaching art to others
through An Artful Spirit Workshops

When I lead others through our
Artful Spirit Workshops
or through my private Zentangle classes,
I have learned so many inspiring lessons.
I just wanted to share with you today.

Patience ... not every one is on the same level of understanding

Compassion ... others insecurities come out when they are learning something new

Joy ... how I love seeing someone create something for the first time
and get so excited at what they have accomplished

Honor ... how privileged I am to lead others to their art journey

Acceptance ... to learn that my work is truly good enough

Humbleness ... creating art can be hard for others,
it is not always an easy process
as it has become for me

LOVE ... I am glad to be with others and
want to share all that is within me

Responsibility ... others are looking up to me for guidance,
I take that very seriously and owe them my best work

Yielding ... working with a partner teaches us both
to understand and listen to what we both want
to project during our retreat experiences

Acknowledgement ... for just how far I have come in
my own artistic life

Wishing you peace, love and knowledge
for the rest of your week
I am honored to have you here!

Donna Lee

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