Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My word for 2012

My Mindy Macefield Original
Created just for ME!
My donna lee

I have been pondering a lot lately about my word to focus on for 2012
This seems to be an easy thing, but after concentrating hard on it
I found it to be not so easy!
I thought of so many words, and finally decided to 
write them all down.
I had bliss, calm, peaceful, know, creative and ponder!
None of them fit or gave me the peace I was looking for.
Then it came to me . . . just perfectly,
and there was a calmness and excitedness
that came over me


* to give advance thought * to foresee * to look forward to as certain * to await * to expect * to hope *
Is that not the perfect word????

My new year came in quietly and with much anticipation.
I enjoyed a quiet new years eve and spent time thinking about
my past 2011 and how much I had grown; especially as an artist!
My Blog got stronger, I opened my very own little Etsy Shop,
I attended incredible art experiences throughout the year,
I developed my own personal art style.
I deepened precious friendships,
my wonderful married children each bought new homes
 and settled in to their precious lives.
My life was and is full of blessings.
Through it all I found ME!

I set creative and life goals for myself,
I had my own burning ceremony of things
I wanted to forget and let go of.
Yes, it was a wonderful end of 2011.

2012 I anticipate:
a life change, a quieter heart, a stronger body,
a calmer mind, happiness and peace.
I am excited about taking Michelle Ensignmer's online writing course,
through The Wish Studio.
I know it will be awesome!
I have spent so much time taking art classes,
this will be fun just allowing myself to write from the heart.
I met Michelle at Squam by the Sea, 2010
and I can't wait to be with her again.
I look forward to Art and Soul
in March,
Squam by the Sea in October,
and whatever else comes my way!!!

I wish you creative blessings on your new year,
I hope you will take the time and discover a word
that suits your new year perfectly.
Always strive to grow, to learn and to experience.
See you again soon!

Donna Lee

Some creative doodling!
It's going to be a great and artistic year.