Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Happiest of Holidays to You!

Our holiday tree this year

My holiday season has been a busy one,
and so has yours I am sure of it!

I was determined to step into December lightly,
I told myself I would not let stress get the best of me,
I would enjoy the decorating, the wrapping, the baking,
all the beautiful holiday moments . . .
so far so good!
(I admit as the holiday draws nearer,
it is getting harder to keep that promise to myself!)

I must say I have been doing a lot of 
internet shopping and home delivery this year,
that Prime from Amazon gets me every time!
The malls are so crowded, 
traffic in Virginia Beach is crazy
and time is running out!

In between all the holiday demands,
I do find time to create a little art for myself,
it centers me, helps me keep focused.
Since my blog is all about my creative life,
I have done a few things I would love to share:

 Setting up a warp on my wonderful Mirrix Loom

 Working on a painting for someone special

 Not done yet ... still needs finishing touches!

Playing around with my own handspun yarns

Stitched this beautiful ornament for our tree

So as you can see I have had
time to create my artwork.
I truly mean it when I share that
it keeps me grounded,
keeps me happy
and I feel centered when I can
spend even a few moments
working on something.
Art is a discipline, at least it is for me.
I make the time for it,
and I never regret it!

So I leave you here in 2016
wishing you the most joyous
holiday season you can have!
May it be filled with love and celebration,
may you find time to be good to yourself as well!
I thank you for visiting here faithfully this year
and listening to what I have to say.

I look forward to the New Year,
until then I have gifted myself the rest of 2016
to stay unplugged . . .
no Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,
or Internet!
(I may post a pic of my precious grand babies during the holiday!)
Oh my goodness, whatever will I do
with all that time that just came my way!!!!!

From our Wynn Household to yours,
May it be a Merry Merry Christmas for you
unlike any other!
I leave you with a pic of our
sweet Josie Grace
(Last year we couldn't let her near the tree!)

Josie Grace

Love always,
Donna Lee
(aka an old creative soul)