Wednesday, December 20, 2017

My End of the Year Post!

The Christmas Season is
fast approaching.
Less than a week to go and I'm still
scampering to finish it all!

The tree is decorated,
most of the presents are wrapped,
the Christmas cards were mailed
and yet I feel so unfinished!
Let's not even mention
NO holiday baking yet!

The holiday season can zap us of
all positive energies if we allow it to.
I'm afraid I got in that rut a few days back.
The quiet time disappeared,
the list kept growing longer and
there was always 
"one more thing to do"

I am a creature of habit,
a fault of mine I know ...
I need my quiet time,
my creative time
my weaving time!
Boy do I crave an afternoon nap!
I don't like the feeling of being
out of sorts.
I feel unsettled when life keeps doing life,
and I can barely keep up,
especially with a holiday
right around the corner!!!!!

I was able to complete my holiday ornament,
it is a keepsake reminder of our 
OBX Thanksgiving vacation this year.
I spun the flax,
wove the small tapestry,
I mounted it to a small piece of driftwood I found along the beach,
and finished it off with a keepsake shell,
I look forward to pulling it out every year in the future,
a sweet reminder of time with my precious family,
all under one roof!

So I am slowing myself down, 
enjoying this last week before the holiday
flies into our home!
I can't wait to share the holiday
with family,
and this year we have a new name
under the tree,
our Zoey will turn 7 months old on
Christmas Eve!
So there is another stocking on the mantle,
and more presents under the tree!

Zentangle® has been my creative choice lately,
it is portable, calming and reminds me
to slow down and breathe,
during a most busy time of year.

I am especially proud of this little
3T tile, full of Paradox tangles.
As I was finishing the very last space,
I decided to leave it blank
and entitle it
"Because Life is Unfinished"
What do you think?

I look forward to 2018
and sharing more Zentangle classes
with others.
I'm working on a day long retreat soon!
Not sure of any details yet, but it looks promising!

I am excited to warp my empty Mirrix Tapestry Loom
with a Tapestry Diary Project,
it will be a form of weaving discipline for me.
Weaving a small section of something,
each and every day in 2018!
I will be re-visiting my online weaving courses
with the amazing Rebecca Mezoff,
and deepening my weaving practice. 

So for now I am taking a break on the blog,
2018 promises to be new and refreshing
as I enter my Eighth Blog Year!
I love sharing what creative
moments are happening in my life!

Till then,
Happiest of Holidays
to you and your family!
Embrace the warmth and love of family,
reach out to long lost friends,
take care of your own self
and contemplate the true
spiritual meaning of the 
Christmas Holiday,
(hint ... it's not about the presents under the tree!)
Love to you all,
you have my heart

Donna Lee