Friday, May 17, 2013

Renewal at Springtime

What a beautiful time of year it is right now!
Everywhere you look there is beauty all around.
We are witnessing new growth, new blossoms
and what was dormant is waking up.

Life is such a gift
each and every day
So many times we simply take it for granted.
This spring is so amazing
that it got me to thinking 
(You know I do that a lot!)

I am soaking in this idea of Renewal
What a perfect time of the year it is
to let go of what has been bogging us down,
renew our hearts and our spirits,
thinking of only things that make us happy
and to practice gratefulness
for not only what WAS, but what is!

We are given the gift of spring each and every year.
I think this year was a little slow in getting started
but it came around,
bringing along with it the promise of
new things to come,
color, new life, happiness,
and the shedding of what was.

My favorite time of day is early morning.
It is when I choose to write and create
each day.
I am blessed to have birds return to our backyard
(my private sanctuary)
each year.
Just hearing the familiar sound
of birds singing their songs
I ask you . . . how can anyone be grumpy?

Don't let spring just pass you by,
take the time to renew your mind, fill your spirit
with only good and amazing things.
Each and every morning we wake
is a chance to say to ourselves
"What will I do with my amazing and wonderful
life today?"
Don't take a moment for granted!

Look around you
Soak in the colors, the textures,
the sounds of this season.
There is so much beauty
all around YOU!

Reach out and touch this life.
Seek out moments to be happy,
to be creative,
to be alone with your thoughts,
to write something 
(even if you never have before!)
Try something new.
Don't be bored and unhappy
Spring is here!

When I look at the beauty of flowers,
which come the same time each year,
I can't believe the intricacy of each and every petal,
the colors that God has created
and the variety of flowers.
It is so amazing to me!

This is my favorite . . . Primrose
I know there is certainly a watercolor painting
in there somewhere!

Renewal in Springtime
a chance to be reminded that there are
opportunities for growth,
happiness, and stepping forward.
I plan to take the time
to stay refreshed,
slow myself down this season,
write some beautiful words,
read some incredible poetry and books,
paint some watercolors
Just taking the time
to renew my spirit,
my heart and my home.
Join me won't you?