Thursday, September 9, 2010

My new journal came today

Where magic thoughts begin!

I just happened to have the day off today and I had decided that this would be a day of self care for me.  A quiet morning at home, reading and knitting, then special tea time with a friend, a hot yoga class and of course a nap would be in there somewhere in my afternoon.   I work full time as an Optician in a very demanding Eyecare practice.   I have to choose my days off carefully;  today happened to be a Jewish Holiday and we were closed, the time off was a gift and I took it gladly!  When I arrived home after running my errands, I saw sticking in my front door was a package.   I was really excited because I thought it might just be a journal I had ordered on Etsy a few short days ago with my birthday money.  I could think of no better gift than this journal.   There it was, beautifully handcrafted and ready for me to begin writing.  My day had just become even more special.

My thoughts began to flood me today and I wanted to share them with you.  I think that we forget sometimes the joy of writing and journaling. How wonderful it feels to have pen in hand and actually handwrite onto a page.   I know that beginning this blog has been a way for me to express what is inside of me, a way to express in a totally different way than writing in my journals.  I have learned to write deeply, share freely those thoughts, work on my computer, how to design a blog and all that goes with that.  I have mentioned before, adding widgets and gadgets, was not a part of my vocabulary.  I didn't even know how to link anyone or anything!  This was a whole new world for me and I am enjoying the entire process.  I have learned though that it is taking an enormous amount of time and energy to keep a blog and be able to do it successfully.  When one thing takes time, something else is always sacrificed.  I realize for me my written word and journals were being slighted.  Life truly is a balance of give and take isn't it???

I do not want to get so involved with the writing of my blog that I forget my love of journaling, my love for drawing and doodling on the page.  When I look back at my older journals and read through them I am amazed to see the messages that come through loud and clear.  Thoughts from my heart and mind from many years ago.  I have journals about weaving, knitting projects, poetry, short stories, a diary of inner thoughts, sketches etc.  This is truly the magic that happens within a paper journal.

A variety of magical pages!
So as my new journal arrived today at just the perfect time I was reminded that I can't wait to begin writing an entry in it today during my self care and self nurturing time.  What better way to take care of myself than writing my inner thoughts and dreams on a brand new page of my beautiful new journal!!  I also decided that this was a good thing to share on my blog with my friends.

Inside the cover!
I encourage you to check out the journals and artwork from Harmony Lenasbunt at, you will not be disappointed.  I also have a tab at the left side of my blog page and it will take you right to her gorgeous blog.  I want everyone to know about Harmony!  She is so talented and her journals and artwork are to inspire others.  I will treasure my new journal and as soon as it is filled, I will treat myself to another!!

I want to push you a little today ... try journaling.  Or if it has been a long time since you have written down your inner thoughts, revisit it again.  Grab a small notebook, journal, piece of paper, napkin  or whatever you can find to being writing your inner thoughts.  Begin with this...Today I am feeling....
It is that easy.  See where your thoughts take you.  Don't forget to let me know how it turns out.

Thank you for following my small baby blog and I thank you for your comments and words of encouragement to me.  I am having a wonderful time with it, it is growing and I am growing in ways I never dreamed that I would.  Blessings to you and more blessings my friend!