Friday, March 25, 2016

What a difference a day makes

One day to the next!

I'm always trying to learn and grow,
some days are better than others!
Each day is a learning experience,
if only I will take the time to observe 
my world around me!

Mornings are the perfect time for me,
I wake up early and I am full of energy.
It is when I can accomplish my best work!
As the day moves on, I find myself
more tired and depleted of energy.
(A feeling most of us experience these days)
Then frustration moves in because
I didn't do what I expected to get done,
and the cycle of "Whoa is Me" sets in.
I could wake up the next day,
and accomplish so much in so little time,
What a difference a day makes

Writing is important to me,
yet putting pen to page,
or even coming to write a blog post,
is sometimes a chore
and I never want that to be.
Writing for me is allowing my very own
heart thoughts to spill onto the page.
Words come one day and then they don't the next,
What a difference a day makes!

Staying in tune with my mind and heart
allows me to be fully aware of where I am
 in that exact moment.
It certainly can change from day to day.
What a difference a day makes!
When I find myself running at a fast pace,
I am feeling as though I have let myself down.
I am no longer taking the time to enjoy 
what is right in front of me.
That saddens me.
All kinds of thoughts and negative emotions set in.
Do you find that true for your own life?

Each day is a gift.
It is an opportunity to grow a little deeper,
or just remain the same.
The choice is certainly ours to make.
Each day changes something in my own life and in yours!
Recognize those moments when
the shift is happening.
Think about what you need to change or work through
Recognize What a difference a day makes!