Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Inspired by others

Work by the lovely Danielle Daniel

As I look around my studio, on a rainy (and finally cold morning in Virginia Beach), I see so many beautiful and amazing pieces of artwork I have gathered over the years from artistic friends of mine.  When I enter my studio, {my own private and creative place} . . . where all of my art supplies are, where paintings are hung, fibers are stored, paint brushes sit waiting for me to pick up;  the thing that inspires me the utmost are the views of my girlfriends creative works that I have the joy of having there with me!  Each piece of artwork is a reminder of "creative sistership".  I can't even begin to describe the feelings inside when I am reminded of these women who have guided me along my creative path!  We encourage each other through written words, comments on our blogs, cards and treats sent in the mail, e-courses guiding us along, retreats and art workshops and so much more.  If creating alone was all there was, I would be a lonely girl.  I have developed so many wonderful friendships over the years and I am grateful and inspired by so many.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

Lisa Gonzalez "Happy Mama Artworks"

Harmony Lenasblunt  "Feed your soul art"

Kelly Barton "Art + Design"

 Cathy Bueti "Artsy Butterfly"

Mindy Lacefield
Tim's Sally

We are all scattered around the country, each coming together through our blogs, our Facebook pages, Tweets and Instagram photos.  (I must admit right here and now, I am addicted to Instagram)  For those of you who are not familiar with Instagram, it is an app for Iphone users where you can take a picture . . . wherever you are at the present moment, something that stirs you and you want to share . . . it has wonderful filters you can change the look of your photo and even add a comment.  Each day we get to see things we might never get to see and share our worlds with each other, I love it.  It is a beautiful way to let each other into our day to day lives and be with each other.  So fun to share in what we are doing.
The internet has connected us in a whole new way.  When we leave art retreats with each other, we can still connect daily on a different level, until we can come back to one another in a different experience.

One of my latest Instagram shares
"Enjoying the process of it all"

"I am a thriving Artist"
My apron by Marisa
Creative Thursday

Inspiration comes in many forms, personalities and styles of art.  How lucky we are to create art and do what we love.  Each artist has their own unique techniques, their own marketing ideas and designs.  Just visit ETSY online and see how many art shops are there.  We learn from each other, we share with each other, encourage one another, respect each other's creative domain and
celebrate each other's successes.
I know I am truly blessed to be a tiny part of this
artistic community.
I thank you my creative friends for encouraging me to step forward,
to reach for my dreams and
find my own creative voice.
Inspired by many
how blessed am I!
Donna Lee

A "Donna Doodle"