Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lessons from the Ocean . . .

My Ocean Mandala

I have just returned from a week in the Outer Banks
what a beautiful experience it was to be
with my family, to rest and restore, create art
and unplug from life's demands.

The Ocean's rhythm is so soothing and calming,
it naturally draws us in.
Just standing in the presence of the mighty sea
calms the spirit.
Walks along the ocean shore allowed me
the time I needed to pray, to think things through,
to collect beautiful shells (a gift from the sea),
and to sort out all the thoughts running around in my head.

I always learn something new when coming to the beach,
I think the lesson that so strongly came through this visit
was that my life needed to change a bit.
I need a quieter pace and carry less worry about the little things.
I always wonder why it is that at home,
I can't think as clearly as I can when I return to the sea.
I know there are life disruptions that get in the way at home ...
 yet I still can't find the stillness and quiet I so need.

So I thank the Ocean for teaching me
a quieter pace, a much needed slower walk in life,
to breathe in the salt and the sea and the sun,
and recognize the gift it is giving to me. . .

What a beautiful vacation I had ...
so many wonderful memories I will keep close to me.
Seeing Annabelle put her toes in the ocean for 
her very first time,
seeing my daughter n law Lauren
so cute and pregnant and growing each day
with our soon to be grand son,
watching my kids laugh and play and get along,
watching my husband and his sons
surf together in the ocean,
finding time to paint and create,
re-reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull
after all these years
and so much more!!

The Ocean is mighty
and certainly strong.
The Ocean waves are a gift,
drifting into shore and out to sea,
the natural rhythm it carries
teaches us to listen deep within,
if only we will.
Bringing into shore new beginnings and freshness
and certainly taking old habits,
ugly thoughts and sorrows
back out to the sea.

I hope to keep the lessons I carried home with me close,
never forgetting that my life is a gift,
and there is still so very much for me to learn,
to experience and to share.
I hope your summer gets you to an ocean shore,
somewhere, somehow.

Wishing you peace and love on this Wednesday,
as those of us on the East Coast
prepare for our first Tropical storm of the season;
yet another reminder of the
mightiness of the sea!