Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Joy of Family

Our OBX family photo before leaving

I believe family is the greatest gift we own
Loving each other
Sharing our lives together
Having fun and giggles
Watching our family grow
Loving and Supporting each other's efforts

My week in the OBX with my entire family was great,
how rare it is these days to get to spend
a whole week together
playing with grandchildren (and children)
spending a block of time together,
forgetting about what we left behind,
if only for a short time.

Since we've returned ...
of course life marches on
and we try to connect as much as we can!
I'm just grateful for treasured moments,
where time stands still for a little while
and we are reminded about what is truly important.

Now, oh so very soon
we are anticipating the birth of our third grand baby,
and in three short weeks,
we are bringing our new labrador puppy home . . .
(still trying to come of with a cool name for her!)
things are about to get real busy in the Wynn household!!!

This I know to be true:
Time stands still for no one
Love is the greatest gift of all
Grandchildren change your perspective on life
Each moment should be treasured
Even when your children are grown they need you
You still need to carve out time for yourself
Finding time to do what you love is important too
Reach out to extended family,
my summer has been blessed 
with re-connection with cousins I cherish!
I can't get enough of my sweet family,
which is growing with each passing moment.

The Joy of Family ... I know I'm truly blessed
and grateful and gifted for sure,
how about you?
Celebrate your loved ones today,
find moments to be together,
heal broken relationships with extended family,
it's so important,
for family is what matters.

Sending Love and Light
Donna Lee