Wednesday, July 13, 2011

52 Photos Project / Week Twelve / A Summertime Treat

My daughter n law's surfboard

This was a fun photo project this week.  We were to capture a summer treat we take delight in.  For me it was easy, I took a picture of my daughter n law's surfboard.  When I think of summertime, I think of the beach.  Living in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA we as a family have always spent special times at the beach, both here and in the Outer Banks, not too far away.

Friday evening was my husband's 55th birthday and he wanted to spend it on the beach.  He, my son and daughter n law went surfing together after work, it was a beautiful sight to see them all together!  The only thing missing was my other son Curt and his wife being there!  They had to be in the Outer Banks.

My husband and our two boys grew up loving to surf.  I can remember my hubby having his two boys out paddling the waves when they were just little guys, so they would learn to love the ocean and never be afraid of the waves.  My son Drew now works at the Wave Riding Vehicle surfboard factory in the Outer Banks and his work on those boards is awesome!  He created a beautiful board for his wife for Christmas this past year and added girlie designs.  She too is learning the art of surfing.

When Lauren quit surfing the other night and put her board on the sand, I saw it as a moment to grab a shot of it.  She is an elementary art teacher and she has a very colorful and special third fin, perfect for her!  See there is artistry even in surfboards.

An artful fin

So yes, when I think of a summertime treat, I always think of the ocean, the sun, my boys surfing, obx vacations, special time enjoying the beach whenever we can.  It is where my memories of summer are held.  I never learned to surf, imagine that!  I do love time spent at the beach with my family, (usually you will find me with a pocket set of watercolors!)  Now I am enjoying capturing those moments in photos.  Me and my Canon, grabbing a picture whenever I can.  I love it, and I ask myself why didn't I learn photography earlier??? There is so much to see through the eye of a camera, I don't want to miss anything!

Wishing you a happy summer!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Creating something different

My paperbag book creation

For the past few weeks I have been working a lot on my collage work.  I have enjoyed creating them and having paintbrush and art stuff in hand.  I have been thinking long and hard about opening my own Etsy shop and I think that I have decided to do so.  I am excited and scared all in one!  I have been trying to build up some inventory but I needed to take a break from canvas painting and collage work.  So I decided to pull out all of my notes from my Paper Bag Book online class by Sara Whitmire, and began creating away. I had the pleasure of meeting this lady at Art and Soul this year.  I sure did have fun tea dyeing tags, adding all kinds of embellishments, beads, fibers, pictures, quotes, pockets and so much more.  I made it personal and tried to document my artistic journey. My book began to grow and develop into what you see here.  I love every page of it!

Having fun on every page!

Pockets, lace and butterflies
Dance, Dance and Dance some more!

The focus of my artwork has changed considerably in the past year and I am happy with where it has taken me.  I feel that I have soared and I have learned to just let go!!  I like the feeling of being free to create and seeing where it leads.  With this book I was able to play with all of my stuff;  from beads, to papers, to paints, images, laces,  to cut words (I have been cutting and collecting forever!)  This book was created from just three brown lunch paper bags, stitched together and I carefully decorated each page.  I filled the pockets with treasures of mine that I have been collecting from art workshops, notes from friends and my journal.  It truly has become a book filled with treasures of mine.

Fun stuff everywhere!

This is the back page of the book!  Love it!

Sometimes we just need to break away from our "Artistic norm" and try something new. You will grow in yourself and in your abilities. Now I have this awesome book in my studio to pick up and look at and hold, it reminds me that I can do anything!  I love art, I love the process of creating, I love it when I am in my "zone." When you are in your studio, music playing and you are alone with your creative self and your art work.   The time flies by so quickly and you have lost all track of the clock;  just creating and playing; adding one more word, one more piece of lace, one more color, one more . . . and then you know when it is finished and there is nothing more to add, you've done it! You step back to look at your piece and feel a sense of extreme satisfaction that it needs nothing else, it is complete.  I truly am in love with the piece I have just poured my heart and soul into! 

I love this page dedicated to my girlfriend Harmony Lenasbunt
her work is amazing!

Now it is a new week, routine work schedule, obligations, appointments and so much more.  I have given myself a wonderful gift this weekend with my little book!  Now it is back to working on my collage pieces and each one has taken on a specialness of its own.  I encourage you to try something new, something out of your comfort zone, never let your art work become habit or routine.  There is no fun in that nor in your creative spirit.  Always be excited when you enter your creative space, see what the time you have has to offer.  Open yourself up to new possibilities, you won't be disappointed!  I leave you with a sneak peek of one of my future Etsy collage works, it says it all!

Create Art!
Sending you love and peace
Donna Lee