Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today I choose to S O A R

Playing with a Self Portrait

W O W . . .
this week I turned 55!
I had been anticipating that day
for a long time.

It got me to thinking about so many things
as birthdays come around
they can do that do us
a lot of inner searching
about my life
my directions
my accomplishments
 the dreams I carry with me
my awful mistakes
the goals I have for myself
where I am presently
 and where I am headed.

I am very happy with how it's
 all going.
My life has been richly blessed
and I am having
a wonderful time
with self discovery.

I saw this beautiful mirror
during my last visit to the OBX
and I couldn't resist
trying another
self portrait.
I believe this mirror is a
it had her signature all over it!
I was immediately drawn to it.

So I looked for my favorite word
which means
to fly, to rise, to ascend, exalted
and I did a little thinking
(of course I did!)

In the past few years
my creative life has soared.
I have met some amazing 
creative souls along the way
and I am grateful everyday for 
their friendship and words of encouragement.
My artwork has found it's own way,
my words are coming through
loud and clear with
my precious poetry
and I am truly happy
happy to be 55.

I am soaring
I am flying
and I am rising
each and every new day!
I am excited about the future
and where my life is leading me.
I am sure walking down an incredible
pathway to discovery.

Life is a gift everyday
don't just sit by and watch it pass
grab hold of it
make the most of it