Wednesday, March 29, 2017


What is currently on my floor loom

Every moment I enter my studio,
my loom Welcomes me ...
I sometimes run in for a paintbrush,
a quick sketch,
look for a certain book or journal,
and I wish I had more time
to sit and weave ... just weave more!

I have been weaving on my Mirrix loom
and my Hokett looms for smaller projects,
but I haven't spent a lot of time
on my larger floor loom.
I have owned it almost a year now
and I'm not getting very far!

I created this current weaving project 
almost seven months ago,
and I ask myself "Where has the time has gone?"
I created a watercolor cartoon,
(from a watercolor original of mine)
set up the warp
and my weaving is slowly
working itself up the warp.
Progress has been so slow it sometimes disturbs me.
How I admire current day
tapestry weavers that accomplish so much!
I now realize they devote their time to their art,
not spread out their time in so many different avenues!
In order to do something well we must spend quality time
devoted to it ... learning, experimenting and discovering.

My Original Watercolor
inspired from Jeanne Carbonetti

When we are allowing ourselves growth and progress with our passions,
we must first realize how important it is
to devote time to our art or endeavors.
I don't want to spread myself too thin
in an already full life.

Tapestry weaving is important to me,
I have been distracted with knitting,
sketching, playing, 
working, needlework and writing . . .
all wonderful pursuits for sure.
Yet each pursuit has pulled me away
from my Tapestry Weaving,
what I truly love the most.
I do realize that in order to show progression
in my Tapestry Weaving,
I need to devote more solid time with it.
Progression in our work 
comes when we concentrate;
when we devote time to a certain thing,
when we set aside moments to grow.

My current work

I find myself saying yes yes yes to what I am writing
and agreeing with every word I have written here.
When we are passionate about something,
whatever it is for you and for me,
we must devote time to it.
I want to grow in my knowledge of weaving,
I want to see progression in this beautiful work
I currentlyhave on my loom.
I don't want to waste any more time.

So I ask you my friend ... 
What is it that you need to show more progression in your life?
Are you spending quality time doing what you love and need to do?
Are you spreading yourself too thin
and not getting much done anywhere in your life?
I think it is a question we have to ask ourselves
from time to time for sure.

Spring is a season of new beginnings,
at least it is for me.
My new beginning is carving out time
to just sit and weave,
quietly and meditatively in my studio,
my private and very special place.
My loom is calling me,
what is calling to you?

I know I am going to love this when it's finished

Donna Lee