Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Favorite images of 2013

As I look back on 2013,  I realized I captured so many
beautiful life moments
with my camera in hand.
I loved participating in 52 Photos Project as well,
it continues to teach me to always look at life
with a photographer's eye.

Believe me ... it took me awhile 
to actually call myself
"A Photographer"
and actually believe it!

Here are some random photos,
favorite moments I captured
this year that mean
the world to me.
Hard to narrow them down to just these.
So many yummy life moments happened!
I am sharing openly with YOU!
It was a good 2013
full of growth, new experiences
and I became a
grand mommy for the first time!

Just how far I had come in photography

I am always seeking stillness

My word for 2013 on the back of a truck

Me and Patti ... Grandmoms to be

Fall inspirational words

52 Photos Project Prompt ... Polka Dots

Three Wynn girls at Thanksgiving

Uncle Ronald playing guitar

Sheep photo from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

My surfer boys

Time to play in Corolla

Creating artwork after the death of a friend

Sending Peace from the Glacier Mountains

Poppy Love in Canada

Sit with me awhile

Artful Spirit Retreat

Birthday fun on the beach

Birthday bowling fun

Me and my honey in the Outer Banks

Holding my grand daughter for the first time

My future little artist Annabelle

Spending time with Maya Stein and Amy Tingle

Serendipity Retreat Wishes

  Grand Daddy holding his Annabelle

How I love baby toes

Greeting me at Zentangle Seminar this fall

Staying at the Hotel Providence

I got Elizabeth all to my self for a little while

Life is full of yummy moments

Building altar in Glacier Mountains

How I love my name Donna Lee

Annabelle holding onto me

I hope that you will take the time
to reflect on all the blessings of your
very own 2013!
So many moments,
experiences, words written,
new lessons learned.
times of happiness and sorrow.
All wrapped up into 2013
and on to a new year.

I wish you love and peace,
time of precious moments with your family,
time for creativity
and most of all
a desire to be creative within you,
where ever that creative path leads you.
Follow it,
take some chances
and grow beyond measure!

See you here in 2014

Love to you,
Donna Lee

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Wishes

image taken from my own little personal tree

Dear Readers . . .  Friends:

I just wanted to take the time
to wish you
a most beautiful holiday!

This is such a busy time of year
for all of us
I didn't want to forget
to take the time
to let you know
what you mean to me!

Thank you for jumping over here
from time to time
and hearing what I have to say
No words can express my appreciation!
Keeping a blog can be "heart hurting" at times!
It takes a lot to put yourself out there to the universe
It is nice to be heard and so
lovingly supported.

I wish you peace
during this holiday season ...
remember to pause and breathe
I wish you love and comfort
with your family and friends ...
remember to embrace
the ones you love
I wish you contentment
in your life ...
remember to cherish where you are
right here and right now
I wish you creativity ...
find the time to have fun
and be with your creative self
I wish you gratefulness ...
look back and see how you 
have been truly blessed
I wish you anticipation ...
look forward to where
your life is now leading you

Happy Holidays
Be Joyous
Be Happy
Be Loving
Be Gracious

These are my holiday wishes for YOU!

Donna Lee

Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Next Artful Spirit Workshop

Community of Creative Spirit

I am so excited to announce our next 

artful spirit gathering!  

suzan and I have planned 

a spectacular creative day 

january 25, 2014 

I wanted to share with you 

here on my blog


We are a collaboration between two creative spirits: Donna Wynn and Suzan Thompson.


Join us for some creative fun that will deepen your sense of self,
opening your heart and mind to the flow of your own artful spirit.

Play and Create With
An Artful Spirit

Donna Z. Wynn & Suzan Thompson

Saturday, January 25, 2014  from 9am to 5pm
Only $99 for an art-filled, spirit-infused playful day!
in Virginia Beach

Needing a transfusion of play and creativity to rejuvenate your life?

Want to connect with others and feed YOUR artful spirit? 

We’ve planned another 4 mini-workshops for this one-day retreat:
* Painted Papers *
* A Taste of Zentangle *
(Donna is now a certified Zentangle Teacher!)
* Artful Affirmations *
* Art Card Collage *
(This one will be taught by guest artist Michal Mahgerefteh!)

Just $99 for the whole day!!!
Includes materials (what a BARGAIN!!!)

Register soon!
(Spaces are limited to 8 Artful Spirits)

P.S. We'd like to create community in this retreat-style workshop by sharing lunch. Will you bring a dish and join us?

2014 Is off to a great creative start
I am excited about where my art is leading me
Just click on the link above for full details
Wouldn't this be a great gift idea to give yourself?
Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Creative Thoughts on a Wednesday

My recent works

Life is certainly rushing past me lately.
The Thanksgiving Holiday preparations,
wonderful company, family gatherings,
cooking, cleaning and cooking some more!
It all went by so quickly.

We all have holiday stories to tell I am sure,
how fast my five days off passed me by,
and without being creative during those days!
Oh I thought I was gonna get so much done.
Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have changed
a moment of it all.

I find that I need to create daily,
something anything!
I strive to be creative everyday,
yet it didn't happen!
I believe that is my "creative slogan"
I let my own self down.

December is here
and now the hustle bustle of the 
Christmas Holidays has come along with it.
There is baking to do,
presents to buy and decorating the house,
staff parties and friends to gather with.
All good things certainly.

I need more,
quiet space and contentment,
time to create and paint, draw
or just playing in my journal.
There is so much Zentangle
I want to explore.
For I find being creative helps to center me.

My goal for my month of December
is to slow down,
way down
to enjoy each day during this busy season,
to breathe it all in,
one moment at a time.
I want to take time just to be!

I celebrate this holiday season,
for I have so much to be grateful for,
especially a new little life brought into our family 
what a special holiday it will be!
I don't want to rush through it,
not a moment of it.
I want to purposefully live each day,
and walk meditatively through it all.

I realize this isn't an easy task!
We all can make choices
of how we live our lives.
I can control my time,
that is for sure!
I had hopes of creating my own
holiday cards this year,
not sure that's gonna happen!
Time is a gift to all of us,
it is up to us as to how we spend it.

Take the time
to be happy this holiday season,
accomplish all that needs to be done,
and enjoy the process of being happy,
truly happy!
Do everything with a joyful heart!
I certainly plan to!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Practicing Gratefulness

New Doorways of Opportunity 
 Enchanting words
 Beauty in all things
 Stolen Moments to be creative
 Beautiful flowers
 Poetic Moments
 Taking the time to write
 Candlelight's gift
 Learning new things
 Making Art
Being a grand mommy for the first time

This week of Thanksgiving
take the time to think about
what you are grateful for.
There are so many gifts we are given
in our lifetime.
Sometimes our vision gets blurred
and we lose sight of what is truly important.
Let this week bring you back home.

I am grateful for YOU
my friends and readers!
Blessings to you
May your Thanksgiving be filled
with love and precious moments.

Donna Lee