Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Poetry ... Words in Motion

Woven Meanings . . .

There are threads of many colors
woven to a certain beat ...
over, under, over, under.
They are gently combing in the woven fiber,
to create a beautiful and intricate design.
Simple rhythms become life's gentle beating

I am a Tapestry Weaver
taking the time to weave
each and everyday;
coming full circle after many years away.
Inching slowly up the warp of the loom
A beautiful fabric is forming before me

Tapestry weaving is teaching me daily,
guiding me to a slower pace of life.
My fingers guide the weft fibers
along their woven way.
I have returned home here . . .
here just sitting at my loom.

This loom in my studio is a hundred years old.
 I often wonder where she has been,
and who wove here before me.
It might be something I will never know.
So for now I will channel it's weavers before me,
cherishing each and every woven row.

Woven Meanings
applied to my daily life journey ...
The sturdy Warp I weave upon
is the foundation I walk with each day.
The Threads of many colors and textures
are the experiences and people along my life's way

Donna Lee
always searching for creative wonder!