Monday, March 12, 2012

Art and Soul . . . Year two!

Well another year, another Art and Soul experience and I have to say that this year
was all the more awesome!  I took two wonderful classes over a four day period and I enjoyed
each one as much as the other.
Each class was a totally different experience.
This year they held it in my own home town,
Virginia Beach, VA
so of course I had to attend!

It first begun with a Needle Felted mini-journal class
she was amazing!
I haven't stopped reading her book "Threads the Basics and Beyond"
 since I returned home.  
If you get the chance to take a class with her,
don't miss the opportunity.

 Loved the felting machine
 Liz Kettle
 Me and my specs
 Had to doodle on the watercolor pages
My finished book!

Liz began by demonstrating needle felting on a sponge, by hand,
which is the way I have always learned.  We then were able to use the new 
Simplicity Needle Felting machines
and it made the experience so much easier.
Every person in class was able to stitch on the felting machines,
it was so much fun.
I loved adding each and every embellishment to my book cover.
You know I am a fiber artist first, so playing with
all of the fibers made me a very happy and creative girl.

Sitting across from me was a girl I knew as familiar, and
finally realized that we had attended the
Serendipity Art Retreat together last fall.
Heather Smith was such a love!
This art world of ours is very small
and I love how we continue to re-connect with each other.
She also was signed up to take my next class,
with Jesse Reno!
Yet another incredible experience.

I signed up for a two day workshop with
Jesse Reno called Freedom to Create.
I have always heard his class was incredible,
but hearing it and experiencing it
are two totally different things.

 Creative exercise with Jesse
 My little Owlie
( I was thinking of Juliette Crane)
My four finished pieces
 The amazing Jesse guiding us along
 I could watch him paint all day
 His finished class demo

I was very excited to re-connect with
Mindy Lacefield
a precious friend of mine.
We got to paint beside each other for two days
 and the
blessing was all mine.
Watching her in her zone is all inspiring to me.
I am excited to be taking her 
starting in a month,
I encourage you to check it out.

 Mindy Lacefield right by my side
I love this woman!!!

Anytime I can attend something artistic,
 I truly consider it a gift.
It is a time where I can re-connect with myself,
be playful and learn a new technique.
I fill my eyes with the work of others and I
am inspired by their creativity.
Learning and playing are good for the soul.

When I can step away from the demands
of real life,
if only for a moment in time,
connect with friends,
be with like minded people and
create art,
listen to someone else's philosophy
about creating art,
I consider it a very good thing.
I returned home inspired and motivated
to do good work.

It was wonderful, enlightening, inspiring
and a very happy experience.
Hmmm . . . I wonder who I will
study with next year?

Jesse's beginning of painting
done with his hands
Sheer Awesomeness