Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Weaving as a Life Metaphor

Beginning of a new tapestry

It has literally taken me weeks to write this post,
yes life can get busy,
(perhaps having my third grandchild born and a new puppy is considered busy!)
but I find the words hard to come by for what I want to express.
(I've literally written this post over several times)

I have been a weaver since my first born was 1 year old,
(we just celebrated his 35th birthday last week!!)
I will always remember taking him to my mom's house,
for her to watch him so I could take a weekly 2 hour weaving lesson
for six weeks!
At the end of that class, I purchased my first loom!
It was a simple tapestry frame loom on a stand.
I later went on to purchase a large floor loom ...
I had a weaving loom in the living room of our new house,
and no other furniture for years!
(My mom couldn't understand why I didn't have a couch!)

So weaving has truly been a part of my life for a very long time.
I think I am drawn to it because of it's simplicity, it's beauty,
and sitting at the loom is so peaceful and meditative!
I have always said I am drawn to arts that soothe my own soul.

My tapestry loom - using Waterlouge app

I have recently been drawn back into Tapestry weaving
and I am amazed how much attention weaving is getting,
especially on Instagram.
I am so happy to see so many enjoying working with fibers,
creating wallhangings and working with frame looms!
So exciting to see a new generation of young weavers!!!

I have been taking Rebecca Mezhoff's online Tapestry class
and it has been such a wonderful experience!
She is an amazing teacher and I am learning so much!
I have returned to my Mirrix Tapestry Loom,
which is a work of art all by itself!

True Tapestry weaving is a slow and patient process,
I love how I am learning new techniques,
watching the fabric unfold before my eyes
has been so rewarding!

Tapestry is a beautiful art form
With each row I watch the cloth unfold
It teaches me to not rush the process,
just enjoy the process of weaving.
How I love the sound of beating
the row of yarn in with my hand beater!
I am always excited to return to my loom whenever I can.

I have also been experimenting with
creating freeform tapestry, by using the
needle weaving process I learned many years ago
from Helen Banes (now deceased)
At our next Artful Sprit Workshop,
we will be creating
Handwoven Dream Pouches!
Here is my design created on thick foam core board
and waxed linen as the warp!

In Process

My completed dream pouch!

A Completed Dream Pouch

Weaving is metaphorical to me.
It means more to me than the finished product!
First you must create a warp in which to weave,
(lay down the foundation)
then your weft is the beautiful fibers that cross over the warp,
continuously over and under, over and under
creating the cloth.
I have always illustrated that the warp threads
are metaphorically the foundation of my life,
that which sustains me, 
strengthens me and guides me along the way.
The foundation is what I build my life upon,
(for me it is faith and family).
The fibers which cross over the warp
are the experiences in my life,
creating my very own precious fabric,
unlike anyone else's.
The different colors and textures
represent the different experiences in my life;
the people that have touched my life,
lessons learned and 
my hopes and dreams.
All of this creating the beautiful
fabric of my very own life!
It's pretty magical if you think about it this way!

Teaching my little Annabelle to weave

I guess you could say
weaving has been a huge part of my adult life.
Sure I have left it, returned to it and left it again over the years.
I can honestly say, it is the one art form in my life
that has always been consistent.

I am weaving the fabric of my own life
each and everyday,
filling it with opportunities to learn something new.
Weaving slows me down,
It teaches me how to just enjoy the process of creating.
I am grateful for the lessons it continues to teach me.

Currently on warped on my loom

May your week be filled with newness as Fall approaches,
slow yourself down just a bit,
try something new
return to something you haven't seen in awhile!

I am always grateful for the time 
you spend here with me,
thank you!

Donna Lee